Lifestyle: I almost cut my ……..

Lifestyle: I have had a beard for years in various styles depending on mood and look. There have been many articles on why men grow

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Cigar Review: Last of the Crusades?

 Cigar Review: Ave Maria Crusader                   This is a blend that seems to be a  brand that

West Coast Cool

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Brown Label  Pete Johnson creator of the Tatuaje brand  was one of the  first boutique brands that made it on the national

Todd Rundgren I saw the light , 1973

                          The immortal Todd performing one of his hits, enjoy.      

Todd Rundgren , A rock wizard

                    A Rock Music Story I was a true Todd Rundgren music believer, the memories were

New Riders of the Purple Sage

One of the many subsets of the Grateful Dead, NRPS were a great compliment to the Dead Family. They could stand alone on their merits

Design flaw?

 Cigar Talk, Cigar Commentary I own 4 Xikar lighters which have provided mostly reliable service. I also possess two cutters which I use extensively. Xikar

Cigar shape and size chart

Cigar Talk Here is a very good tool for understanding the many different variations of cigar shapes and sizes available for the consumer.  Some shapes

In Honor of my dad, May 6, 1907-1977

My father would have been 110 years old today. He was a cigar smoker partial to White Owls and several other machine made cigars. He

A half cigar review

Cigar Review The cigar in question Bolivar Churchill  from the Dominican Republic was a dud.  There are no need to give you the particulars about

The Bigger they come

Cigar Review A friend of mine described this brand as an old school company. Does that mean old school values such as quality control, workmanship,

Still working on this, Work in Progress

It really helps to know what you are doing in creating a new web design. It is not as seamless as all the publishers want you