Cigar Events: Don’t stress out

Cigar events: You need a plan. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: The reality of the world hits home

      Lifestyle:  So all of us need to reassess our life as the Corona virus impacts just about everything we do. I was

Cigar question: Need your thoughts

Cigar question: What 5 cigars would you recommend to a novice cigar smoker and why? Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Be careful where you put your cigars

Cigar events: At one time I had a fitness client who was very successful in his field. Without revealing what he did or what his

Cigar news: start the process

Cigar news: I need to start forming my favorite cigars list of 2018. I don’t call them the best of because what I smoke often

Cigar commentary: Is this fair?

Cigar commentary/news:   I was going through my emails and noticed several pitches from cigar catalogue companies for Gurkha Cigars. Gurkha Cigars are one of

Cigar events: 2019 Cigar resolutions

Cigar commentary: Some thoughts as we enter 2019 as the cigar world turns. 1. Pay less attention to the price of cigar and pay more

Cigar Events: Best cigars of 2018?

Cigar events: As we all know this is the month that cigar bloggers, magazines, just about everyone in the world who ever smoked a cigar

Cigar events: The drama unfolds

Cigar events: It’s that time of year where every cigar blogger, magazine and media star unveils their best of cigars. With plenty of hoopla these

Cigar reviews: Blues on the review

Cigar reviews: Several of my esteemed cigar mavens took exception to my review of the Buenaventura BV 654. They thought it was a good smoke

Cigar News: And other things

Cigar News/Commentary     As my site is not exclusively about cigars, I do get readers who are may be  uninformed  in this area.  These

Cigar Lifestyle: The car life in Los Angeles

The main concept that east coast people need to realize about Los Angeles is things do get done but not at their pace. It might

Cigar Lifestyle: Thought for the day

Cigar Lifestyle: Easy does it. Keep smoking    

Lifestyle: The long and winding road

Lifestyle:   I have a general question to ask about blogging.  As I read more and more blogs, It is somewhat confusing about the number

Cigar events: Happy Holidays

Cigar events: Just wishing everyone a great holiday. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: The start of something big

Cigar news: How it all began or at least one theory about smoking in the boy’s room. Keep smoking THE HISTORY OF SMOKING J. Bennett

Lifestyle/Sports News you can use: Red Sox need some love

Cigar News/ Sports: You would think the Red Sox are a last place team heading into the 2018 season. The Yankees made lots of splashy

Cigar /Lifestyle/Cigar news: Guidance

Cigar news:  Cigar commentary/Lifestyle   Interesting discussion on a Facebook site I am a member of. The question was, “ Do cigar ratings really matter?

Cigar news you can use: battle lines drawn?

Cigar news:  The sale of Thompson Cigars to the Scandinavian Tobacco Group has created quite the stir in the trenches of cigar businesses.  Dire warnings

Cigar news you can use: Worth reading again

Cigar news:  From Best Cigar Prices. Why do you smoke cigars?  Cigar bloggers answers the question.  Keep smoking   Premium cigars for less CLICK HERE!

Cigar news you can use: Football is finally over

Cigar news:   Looking forward to baseball I am  footballed out even though I am not a fanatical fan of the gridiron. It was  disappointing

Lifestyle: I almost cut my ……..

Lifestyle: I have had a beard for years in various styles depending on mood and look. There have been many articles on why men grow

Lifestyle : Basketball, the game of 3 point shots.

Lifestyle: A couple of quick takes on round ball. 1. When 7 foot centers are taking 3 point shots , fail to rebound or box

Cigar News you can use: Lets face it . We enjoy cigars

Cigar news: Best Cigar prices asked a group of cigar bloggers ( including yours truly ) a great question. Why do you smoke cigars ?

Cigar Lifestyle: Need a gimmick?

Cigar Lifestyle: Gimmicks seem to be an important part of cigar marketing. I read a fair amount of industry newsletters, blogs and many cigar catalogue

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