Cigar commentary: What is your pleasure?

Cigar lifestyle: I had a recent discussion with a group of cigar friends about the merits of bundled cigars. What they liked about them was

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Cigar news you can use: Frugal or cheap?

Cigar news: Had a brief cigar discussion today with a follower who wanted to know when does a cigar become a bargain or pricy? His

Cigar News: Am I wrong about this?

Cigar news and Commentary: This a short take and a question to my readers. There are certain cigar brands that I have tried and a

Cigar news: Your favorite cigar is?

Cigar news: I was asked recently from a newish cigar smoker what my favorite cigar is. This is a very legitimate question as so many

Cigar Event: The Equalizer

Cigar Event, Cigar Commentary, Cigar Lifestyle This past Saturday I went to a birthday party hosted for Sean Callery ,  an Emmy award-winning composer whose

Top of the Hub

Cigar Commentary: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge We often forget to give a solid to places or people we like. With this in mind, let me

Cigar News you can use

Cigar Reflections: Good article written by a fellow cigar smoker on his view of smoking in your local cigar establishment. Are stores of this nature

Who makes the decision?

Cigar Talk:  Keeping the public satisified I had an interesting conversation with David Weiss, the owner of Lone Wolf Cigars regarding what cigars are put

A Question of Balance?

Cigar Commentary, Cigar Talk First off happy Fourth of July and enjoy the festivities. For me , I need to eventually get to work. Here

Who are you ?

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How much is enough?

Cigar Talk, Cigar Commentary, I have 3 humidors of cigars with a pretty full stash. Each holds about 50 smokes and stored by type.  Two

True to their word, Xikar products

Cigar talk, cigar commentary , product review I previously commented on the design flaw concerning Xikar’s Stratosphere 1 lighter. I enjoyed the operation of  the lighter as

Cigar bundles, love them or ?

Cigar Talk, Cigar Commentary  While many a cigar “expert” disdains bundled cigars for their inferior quality and look, you cannot question  they sell very  well.

The Grateful Dead and Cigars

For those who know my history , I am a Dead Head. Not the extreme Dead Head who travels all over the country , going

You bet your life, real world

Cigar humor and history Groucho Marx’s son Arthur remembers, fondly, that he was the recipient of his famous father’s second hand cigar smoke as an infant,

JFK with his Upmann

 Cigar Commentary  This is a great photo of JFK relaxing with his brand. Now that smoking a cigar is considered a heinous crime, you will