When cigar smoking was fun

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At one time cigar smoking on TV was not a no no. Think for a minute how many actors made it a point to smoke on the show. Columbo, George Burns, Milton Berle ,Homer Simpson just to name a few.

Do me a favor and let me know who and what shows featured a cigar smoker.


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  1. So many. Every-time i watch one it sets off the craving and CB’s Gal won’t let him smoke while I’m watching. My favorite is in ‘Buena Vista Social Club’, the Documentary. Ry Cooder is sitting in an old seaside cafe enjoying a cigar and listening to some great music. CB wanted to be there with him. The movie is a smoke fest.

    1. Great movie, I have the poster in my office. Another movie stars Harvey Keitel as a cigar shop owner in Brooklyn. Jerry Garcia has a very good rendition of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes in the flick. It’s on my web site .

      1. ‘Smoke’, great flick. Harv is a Babyhead fave. How about DeNiro in ‘Cape Fear’ the scene where he’s in the movie theater. We could trade all night. ‘Buena Vista’ nice choice. I’m going to make my way through your sight in the next while.

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