Cigar News you can use: Growth or ?

Cigar News: Perhaps this is true in some areas but in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, the anti smoking zealots are

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Cigar events: Text messaging

Life style Cigar Events I just added a text messaging service to my web page. It allows all the opportunity to have direct contact

Cigar News you can use: Good story

Cigar News:  Cool story about a retired NYC Police detective who has a new line of work. Cigars were a passion and now it’s a

Cigar News you can use: Top of the Heap

Cigar news: Davidoff makes a new play Davidoff is a icon brand that has universal attraction  with quality products and a price point to match

Guest Cigar Review: Take a look at a cigar type

Cigar Review: Guest Review     If you’ve not smoked a perfecto before, be careful not to mistake the head from the foot. Owing to

If this is a health club,why does it stink?

Life Style: Fitness and health I have been around many health clubs in my years as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Manager and consumer. Gyms

Cigar News you can use: NYC becomes the Big Loser

Thanks to Half Wheel for giving us the low down on the latest regressive law to hit the Big Apple.  As a native New Yorker

It’s a Man’s Drink but Women can drink it too

Lifestyle: Event Moxie beverage  was once the most popular soda product in the United States. It is also a word  that we use to show

Give me liberty, or give me the Wolf

Cigar Event: Another Saturday at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Snuck this visit in  today as I did not think this was going to happen

Push the Tush

Fitness Events : Personal Training, Working out and staying healthy. As much as I enjoy talking and sampling cigars, my true employment is the world

Cigar Event: Cruising at the Wolf

  Cigar Event. Got out of work a bit early so made a pit stop at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. I reviewed the Brick

Cigar News you can use: Alexa knows all

Cigar News. This is how the top rating service sees my SEO numbers.  It has shown remarkable improvement in the last three months.  Thanks for

Top of the Hub

Cigar Commentary: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge We often forget to give a solid to places or people we like. With this in mind, let me

Cigar News You Can Use: Ultra cool

Cigar News:  From the Cigar Journal    A special cigar lounge that offers a great place to smoke, with  social awareness too. Lets wish them

Cigar News you can use: The big boy list

Cigar News: Cigar Aficionado recently published a very comprehensive article on the best selling cigar brands along with other data. What interested me besides the

I like it like that: La Palina Cigars

Cigar video La Palina cigars Conn. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: More misguided legislation

Cigar News, Cigar Commentary This lack of understanding from the so-called leaders in Manchester N.H. is again another attempt to strangle cigar smokers. Yup, think

Cigar News you can use: America’s own cigar city

Cigar News: This is a spot that is probably worth taking a trip to if you are in the Tampa area. My nephew lives in

Cigar Review: Guest blogger

Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez New World Cigars Keep smoking This is a new blend of an old favorite. A rich dark wrapper with only minor

How Green was my cigar?

Cigar Review: La Palina Fuego Verde Candela cigars have the appearance of something very old, something my grandfather would smoke if he smoked. Small towns

Cigar news you can use: Crime does not pay

Cigar news: Any verifcation on this news would be appreciated. Various bloggers are reporting that the head of the Partagas factory in Havana, Abel Exposito,

Music greats: Curtis Mayfield

Music, Lifestyle I was listening to  Sirus radio coming home this afternoon and on station 49 Motown sounds  the great Curtis Mayfield was on. The

Cigar Review: The Name Game

Cigar Review: Famous Cigars, Carnage Cigars Cigar names can be very silly. I think the idea is the more off the wall name the likelihood

You can never go wrong

Cigar Event, Cigar Thoughts I got out of work a bit early yesterday which means I only put in 10 hours instead of 12. However,

Cigar Events: Friday night at the abode with Rocky Patel

Cigar Events: It’s always a treat to get home on a Friday night and not worry about time or your next move.  I grabbed a

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