If I was a rich man

Cigar business , Cigar events

Like most people in the western world I have a Facebook page which was utilized several times a week. I kept up with old friends, made new friends, checked up on interesting things .  When I decided to start my web page, it dawned on me that all the social media platforms should hook up. The idea was to build readership, followers and get ideas on what others were doing.  Seemed simple enough but as I am discovering more and more, the world of social media has it own rules and is a unique place.

I started getting new Facebook friends  , used my Twitter account, signed up for Instagram, became a WordPress groupie, joined Linked in, and Swarm. There are so many social media platforms, it’s very difficult to keep up unless you do this full-time.  My reasoning was the more hookups , the better chance to get an income from my interests. Cigars was the hook but not the only avenue.

My Facebook friend numbers started to climb but yesterday I hit the magic number of 5000, cutoff time. The max. was reached. Trying to figure this out , I asked the social media cronies and they suggested a Facebook fan page.

After several  hours of development , a new world was created. I have my own Urban Fishing Pole Cigars Facebook page and am getting new followers.  The page needs work but I see the potential. If I can eventually tie all the pieces together, It could mean a new direction I could not envision only a short time ago.

Here is the pitch. As you become more familiar with my writings, work projects, and all my interests, sign up on as many platforms as you can bear. If I become too obnoxious , hang up on me.  Support the sponsors , so we all can become rich,  Wait, they are already rich , so I can become rich.

Keep smoking.

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