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This is a good starting point for reasonable price point smokes. Please remember each state also adds tax to to the total and there might be local taxes too.

Prices may be listed as a single smoke but box prices could be different. This a guide about cost and not about quality. There are good and bad cigars on all levels of cost.  I suggest reading reviews before you purchase. Check out a variety of reviewers and then decide.  This is a good overview from an article I found on Feedspot.  

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The 8 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Cigars

Cigar smoking can quickly become a very expensive habit/obsession. It’s good to know the old adage “You get what you pay for” is often not true with cigars. It’s easy to needlessly pay top dollar for big name sticks, and it’s even worse to get a “deal” only to realize that the $2 dollar cigar you just bought tastes like the dry leaves on you front lawn. Truth is, great cigars can be found at almost any price point if you know what you’re looking for. Here are eight delicious options that won’t break the bank.

  • Arturo Funte Chateau Fuente Natural

    Arturo Funte Chateau Fuente Natural

    Arturo Funte is one of the most reliable brands on the market. The Chateau series offers a perfect mild cigar ideal for a newbie or a long-time smoker. Packaged in beautiful cedar sleeves, this cigar could fool you into thinking it’s a $10 stick. Lucky for us, it’s only four bucks. $4

  • 5 Vegas Gold Nuggets (corona)

    5 Vegas Gold Nuggets (corona)

    For a quick, mild smoke at a great price, it’s hard to beat this blend. You can find these cigars for under three bucks each. At that price, it’s a great cigar to have on hand for friends who aren’t big cigar smokers. There’s more than enough pleasant flavor to be interesting, but not enough power to make you queasy. $3

  • Diesel Unholy Cocktail

    Diesel Unholy Cocktail

    The entire line of Diesel cigars is terrific, but the original Unholy Cocktail is the best. This cigar is a full-bodied masterpiece. If dark chocolate, coffee, and spice are your thing, this cigar is a great choice after a nice meal. $3

  • Padron Londres Maduro

    Padron Londres Maduro

    Padron is a super premium, always tasty brand. Their cigars can routinely run $10 or more for a single stick. The Londres is a smaller corona size but you can still get a solid 45 minute burn time. A truly top-shelf experience at a smoke-this-every-day price. $5

  • Tatuaje Tatoo Robusto

    Tatuaje Tatoo Robusto

    This cigar started out as a limited run back in 2011 but was revived last year by Tatuaje as an everyday cigar packaged in big boxes of 50. This is a value cigar that absolutely delivers for people who enjoy a medium-bodied blend. $5

  • Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Robusto

    Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Robusto

    We highlighted the Corojo #5 from these guys a little while back. This cigar is the exact same blend fitted with an aged Corojo wrapper cultivated in 2002. The best part is, at around $2.50 a piece, these are even cheaper than the originals. Virtually the same flavor at a fraction of the cost. $3

  • Brick House Short Torpedo

    Brick House Short Torpedo

    If you’re looking for a solid medium-bodied cigar, Brick House is for you. All of these cigars are tasty and affordable but we find the Short Torpedo to be the most inviting. At 5.5” long, it really ain’t all that short. You can expect to spend a very relaxing hour with this smoke. $5

  • Legado de Pepin Toro

    Legado de Pepin Toro

    My Father Cigars is yet another brand that made its mark in the higher end of the cigar market. The Legado De Pepin is a very reasonably priced cigar that retains all of the big flavors My Father is known for. Expect a full-bodied, hour plus experience for sure. $6

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