Guest Cigar Review: Roma Craft CroMagnon

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I really like the blends from Roma Craft that I have sampled through the years. Not for all palates this boutique cigar company has grown  not by  mass producing new cigars but cultivating and controlling the releases. The results are very positive.

Here is a guest review from Cigar Obsession and their thoughts on the Knuckle Dragger. This actually was the first product I tried from RoMa Craft years ago. Check out what they have to say and then look at my review.

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RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine Knuckle Dragger Cigar Review – This 4×52 dark chocolate wrapped stick features a dense firm pack, oily slightly toothy feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, large triple cap and pungent sweet hay and cocoa aroma.  First light reveals a perfect draw with medium-full bodied flavors of a deep zingy earth and pepper with a cherry sweetness and oily mouthfeel all going through a long finish with the earth and pepper building throughout.  The first third goes quickly to a full body with a perfect draw and burn, holding a short 3/4″ ash chunk at a time.  Flavors are a creamy sweet earth on the draw while the finish drops the pepper fast, adding a strong vanilla note to the soft earth, both lasting to the next draw.  Being a small stick burn time was still a respectable 45 minutes where flavors remained the same but the strength did peak at medium-full by the end.

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