Cigar News you can use: Help is on the way

Cigar News:  Hands across the water PACIFIC CIGAR COMPANY TO SUPPORT HURRICANE IRMA RELIEF IN CUBA  Samuel Spurr   Important to support the relief efforts

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Cigar News you can use: Latest Alexa Rank

Cigar News: The latest Alexa ranking   The ranking of followers and views keep getting better. Thanks for the support and let your friends know.

Cigar Events: Casual Friday at the abode

Friday night at the abode.  Smoking a La Palina, Kill Bill 2, a hearty smoke for full bodied fans. Keep smoking.

Cigar Lifestyle: Life in the squared circle

Lifestyle: Television Wrestling I recently viewed the television series G.L.O.W. on Netflicks and it was fabulous. I had no intention to watch it but my

Cigar News you can use: Elite cigar brand

Cigar news:  From Cigar Journal. If you can afford to be there , good for you. Keep smoking The Madrid Zarzuela Hippodrome was the venue

Cigar review: Famous Nicaragua Blend

Cigar Review:  In my view bundled cigars are at best a compromise. The idea is to try getting a smoke that satisfies the basic requirements

Cigar Reviews: In case you are wondering?

Cigar Reviews:  It’s been several weeks since I posted a new cigar review.  I have three smokes with notes waiting to be written. My goal

Cigar News you can use: Your Cuban cigars are safe

Cigar news:   Reported by Cigar Aficionado magazine. The hurricanes were massively destructive to many of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. I am most

Cigar Review: Nice review from another blogger.

Cigar review: I am not familiar with the brand but if there is a good product out there , let’s give it some support. The

Cigar news you can use: Best of the best

Cigar News: The best in the cigar industry according to those who guide and know the product. Keep smoking WINNERS OF THE 2017 CIGAR TROPHY

Cigar News you can use: Hope you can make it

Cigar News: Not going but sure it is a great event.  Keep smoking     The 20th anniversary edition of the Festival del Habano will

Cigar Event: Another Saturday at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

Cigar Event: At the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Hanging at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge enjoying a Ramone Allones Robusto. Good smoke despite some minor

Cigar News you can use: Take the cigars and run

Cigar news:  Wonder who would be stupid enough to buy stolen cigars? Wait , I know the answer. Keep smoking For the second time this

Cigar News you can use: Score one for sane regulations

Cigar News: The small town of Pendleton, Oregon , pop. 16,612  city council decided not to make a rule which was : A. not needed

Cigar News you can use: A changing of the guard. Halfwheel report

Cigar news: Changing  leadership at the top of the food chain. IPCPR  will be seeking a new boss man to lead the troops.  Many challenges ahead

New York , New York

Sports/Lifestyle: Commentary  Coming into work today I was wondering when the last time a New York City area  major sports franchise won a championship. I

Cigar News: Cigar Humor

Cigar Humor:  The joys of life. Keep smoking  

Cigar News you can use: La Palina announcement

Cigar News: La Palina Goldie release As La Palina cigars introduces new blends and price points, there is going to be changes in their operation.

Cigar Event: The Equalizer

Cigar Event, Cigar Commentary, Cigar Lifestyle This past Saturday I went to a birthday party hosted for Sean Callery ,  an Emmy award-winning composer whose

Cigar Events: Happy 20th from LA

Cigar Events: My 20 th year in Los Angeles. I never thought I would leave NY. Who knew? Also with stops in Cortland NY, Somerville

Cigar News you can use: Havana mystery

Cigar News: Havana intrigue The trust issue between the US and Cuban governments still is questionable despite optimistic goals. You can’t just change perceptions that

Cigar Products: Keeping it humid

Cigar News: Boveda Products, Cigar humidty and temperature A question I often get from cigar friends is how to I keep my cigars at the

Cigar Event: Who is going ?

Cigar Event: The Big Smoke . I have never gone and have heard mixed stories about the whole weekend. Would love to hear from readers

Health and Fitness: It’s about you

Health and Fitness: Focusing on your fitness program and design In my series about fitness and health, I have commented on what to look for

Cigar News You Can Use: How to make it last

Cigar News: Tobacco Business Magazine insight comments on increasing business for B and M’s Keep smoking How to Survive and Thrive as a Tobacconist Today

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