If I was a rich man

Cigar business , Cigar events Like most people in the western world I have a Facebook page which was utilized several times a week. I

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Roll out the barrel

Cigar review: Camacho American Barrel Aged Master Built Series I needed to make some changes in my social media platform as apparently Facebook only allows

Places to Visit- Boston

Share this: Source: Places to Visit- Boston

Cigar News you can use: What’s a cigar about?

Cigar news: Cigars 101 This is another great chart that visually gives you the lowdown on how cigars are grown,  aged, and finally ready for

Cheetah the Cat

Cheetah is a cat of personality, humor and a mind of his own

Live with the Funk, Tower of Power

Music,  Events, Lifestyle I first saw this band in 1976 at Cortland State when I was in grad. school. The venue was a building called

Cigar News you can use: FDA, take that

Cigar News, Cigar Talk, Cigar Events In partnership there is positive movement. The FDA is now feeling the heat about their insipid view on cigars

Cigar News you can use: Good stuff

Cigar News: This past spring I went to a cigar tasting/cigar accessory  event held at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. I reviewed the AVO smoke in

Trump, Scouting, my Dad, and Me — By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

[Cross-posted to In Media Res] I don’t know why this makes me so angry, but it does. Maybe anger’s not the right word; I’m not

The summer of the Pipe, 1967

Cigar Events, Cigar Talk: I have been watching the Grateful Dead documentary for about a week or so now which have segments according to the

Cigar News you can use: Repressive NJ law is signed by Gov. Christie

Cigar News: Gov. Chris ( I never met a sandwich I didn’t like ) Christie backs down and succumbs to the anti cigar/tobacco  zealots in

Cigar News you can use

Presenting The New Partagas 1845. In the five years since its launch, Partagas 1845 remains one of the most successful brands in the handmade cigar

Cigar News you can use: New York City on my mind

Cigar News Good article on the Nat Sherman Townhouse in mid town Manhattan. Having grown up in the city, sometimes you forget about all the

West Coast Cool

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Brown Label  Pete Johnson creator of the Tatuaje brand  was one of the  first boutique brands that made it on the national

Cigar Karma?

Cigar Events   This might be a stretch as Karma is often a series of circumstances which you have no control. Shit happens for many

Cigar Events: Remember When

Cigar Events The way it was, Edie Adams Keep smoking    

Cigar News you can use

Cigar Information This is a good representation of the ring gauges of cigars. There are often questions about the thickness of cigars and this gives

Scotch and Cigar Event

Cigar Event, Porter Valley Country Club Join us for an evening overlooking the first hole featuring scotch, cigars and great food.  Early reservations are best.

Taking care of business

Cigar Thoughts, Business I am trying to make a decision which impacts my website and am seeking your input about this. Currently I am on

Reunion Tour?

Cigar News you can use: History is made

Cigar news, Cigar Events, Lifestyle,  I have never attended an IPCPR convention but  have been told  from several sources , it is the most important

Cigar News you can use: With or without?

Cigar news:  What ever happened to the tin man? Good overview of whether or not we should remove the tubes that many smokes often come

Who makes the decision?

Cigar Talk:  Keeping the public satisified I had an interesting conversation with David Weiss, the owner of Lone Wolf Cigars regarding what cigars are put

Cigar News you can use: Good chart

Cigar news:   This is a very good guide for all cigar smokers. A refresher for the experienced smoker and a primer for the novice.

Cigar news you can you: Rudy tells it all

Cigar News, Cigar Events   Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and a stalwart defender of cigar rights, gave the opening

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