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IMG_2022.jpgCigar Review: Gispert Cigars

Ten years or so ago  , I made a cigar visit to Dom’s Cigars in Larchmont, NY. I was visiting my sister in law who was living in this town at the time. It was a raining day in March and while everyone else went shopping I meandered to Dom’s.  

Dom was there watching a game and no one else was in the shop. The humidor was pretty good considering it was a small store and he had a lounge in the back with a TV set up, soft drinks and snacks. He greeted me and I looked around for a smoke to pass the rainy afternoon with. I wanted something different that I never smoked before or did not have much experience with.  Dom pointed out some sticks and I settled for a Gispert. 

Gispert is available at many catalogue companies but you rarely see it in stores. Well I purchased and smoked it and thought it was mild , not offensive but not something that would end up in my humidor.  Still, I spend a pleasant afternoon at Dom’s which was my intention. Not sure if the store is still there but hopefully it is.

I was looking at the Famous Smoke catalogue and they were running a sale for Gispert all at the same price. $29.95 for 15 smokes  all styles. How could I pass this up? I needed a cigar that could be smoked without guilt if I could not finish it. At less than $2.00 a stick that’s almost free.

I placed my order , and 5 days later I got the package. Nice packaging, good looking construction and a bright flashy band.  They went into my humidor, thinking I would season them for one month or so. I got home on Friday, opened up a humidor and the Gispert were sitting there screaming smoke me. That’s exactly what I did.

Easy light, smoked well but had almost no taste. It was very clear at that moment , my initial judgment was correct.  Gispert cigars need to sit and sit and sit. Granted I was not expecting a cigar with a complex  profile but it showed no promise of anything approaching a reasonable  type of flavor.

I did not finish the cigar , put it out and will wait for one month before I try again.  I will give out several of my cigars to other cigar smokers and see what they think. I don’t think this is a bad cigar but not sure what it really brings to the table either.

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