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Any verifcation on this news would be appreciated.

Various bloggers are reporting that the head of the Partagas factory in Havana, Abel Exposito, was arrested last week.

Since there is no official word from Cuban authorities, information contained in this article cannot be verified.

The alleged charges are for cigar smuggling to Switzerland and foreign currency matters.

Reports say that Mr. Exposito’s son and ex wife have been arrested too.

“It seems that the reasons for the measure are related to the smuggling of puros, to distributors in Europe, particularly in Switzerland, outside of official channels of sale , the charges seem to confirm the arrest of his son, returning from a trip abroad, and illegal possession of foreign currency…”

A summary from another blogger writes “Yes folks, I heard the sad news last night. Abel Exposito, director of the Partagas store in Havana, Cuba, has been arrested. Authorities came to the Partagas store and took him away in handcuffs and no one has seen him since. They waited for his son to come back from a trip and arrested him as well when he arrived at the Jose Marti airport in Havana. Abel’s ex-wife was also arrested.”

Another source writes “I have it from a reliable source that the new director of the Partagas store has chosen Rene Valdes Miller from Romeo y Julieta will be the new director and is taking over the preparations for the Encuentro. That Means that there will be an Encuentro, the Partagas happening this November with Rene at the helm.

Recent comments posted to a cigar blog say that “authorities have finished investigating Partagas and the store has been re-opened. Everything is running as usual with all the regular staff back at work. Abel has not been heard from”.

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