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Cigar Commentary: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

We often forget to give a solid to places or people we like. With this in mind, let me say thanks for the great job the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge does in offering a cigar haven in the West Los Angeles area.  

As we surely understand , cigar lounges and cigar smokers are  an endangered species in Los Angeles. For many reasons I still do not get or refuse to get, small businesses which cater to a particular audience are frowned upon by our city officials.  We can elaborate the countless reasons for this attitude but I get away from my main point.

The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge is a very comfortable environment to sit back , smoke a cigar, watch TV , converse with cigar smokers, have a meeting or just relax. That is the beauty  of a cigar lounge. You decide what you want to do.  The Wolf has the amenities one expects in a top flight cigar business. Comfortable seating area, great humidor with plenty of options and knowledgable staff.  Ventilation is top-notch with a superior music system. It also helps they play a music list that appeals to me especially the Grateful Dead.

If you have your own cigar stash, bring it with you, store it in a cigar locker which you can rent  or smoke one of theirs from the store  humidor. Need a lighter, humidor or other accessory , it can be purchased at the Wolf. 

Memberships are reasonable for what the Lone Wolf offers to its patrons. Of course you can always hang out on Wilshire Blvd as a second option  and smoke away.

Keep smoking

Description from their website


The Lone Wolf Cigar Company was re-established in 1996. The original location in Downtown Santa Monica was established by Sargent E.E. Baracks in 1893, as one of the oldest established and still existing Tobacco Merchants on the West Coast. The Lone Wolf Cigar Boutique/Lounge in West Los Angeles is Locals Friendly with easy access and Free Parking Across Wilshire Blvd.

  • Full-Service Tobacco Merchant, specializing in Fine Cigars, Exclusive & Rare Cigars, Tobaccos, and Extraordinary Smoking Accessories and offering the most Extensive Selection available.
  • Service-Oriented, Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff.
  • Imported and Specialty Cigarettes, Pipes, Pipe Tobaccos, Vape.
  • Corporate Gifting Services & Same Day Delivery.

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