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Cigar News: Urban Fishing Pole Cigars sponsors

A not so subtle reminder of my attempt to make some cash on my web page.

As I try to grab more readers on all my social platforms: Word Press, Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, Linked-In, Google Plus and several more, driving income is part of the overall game plan.

My goal is to eventually expand the domain and my logo to get it branded in merchandise such as hats, shirts and cigars, and cigar accessories.  E commerce is a rising tool for this type of endeavor.

With this pitch in mind, support the sponsors on my site. Amazon, Famous Cigars, JR Cigars, Gotham Cigars, BNB Cigars,  and Cheap Humidors. Hit the sponsor banner and that will open their sites up.  When you purchase an item for any of these sponsors, commissions will flow.  As the income hopefully comes in, can expand and get new sponsors too.

Think about it. Urban Fishing Pole Cigars ashtrays, stunning shirts and hats, jackets , athletic shoes. OK getting ahead of my self.   You get the drift.

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