Cigar events: Calm down, relax and smoke a cigar

Cigar events: Baseball is a game and a cigar is a smoke I was speaking to a cigar friend the other day and he commented

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Cigar Events: Saturday again at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

Cigar events: Sometimes hanging out with friends is the right thing to do . Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: Cigar Journal / Price of Tobacco

Cigar News: You ever wonder why some cigars prices  are through the roof and others have different price points? This article might give you a

Cigar News you can use: Keep puffing away.

Cigar News: From Cigar Insider      The numbers look strong as cigar consumers continue to support the business despite the FDA doing their best

Cigar News you can use: New Addition to Villiger Cigars

Cigar News you can use Villiger Cigars Hires Manuel Garcia Keep smoking   Oct. 23, 2017 – Villiger Cigars proudly announces that Manuel Garcia will join the Villiger International Handmade Cigar

Cigar Event: Back in Cambridge, mid 1980’s

Cigar Event: A cigar tale in Cambridge, Ma. mid 1980’s Cigar guys tend to gravitate towards each other,  even  with distinct and different backgrounds. The first

Cigar Review: Last of the Crusades?

 Cigar Review: Ave Maria Crusader                   This is a blend that seems to be a  brand that

Cigar review: Perdomo Champagne Noir

Cigar review: Perdomo Champagne Noir If I smoked 60 cigars a week, I still would never get to write more than a review or two

Cigar News: Great story for all of us

Cigar News: You need to read this story and just smile. Keep smoking   We’ve all heard that smoking a cigarette takes 11 minutes off

Cigar Events: Animal Mischief

Cigar Events: Not really a cigar event but a meeting of the animal minds proving how much fun it is to have them in your

Cigar Events: Time to relax

Cigar Events:  Always a pleasure sitting with the crew and create a magic moment with a cigar and good jabber.  Here is the cigar that

Cigar Events: San Lontano, Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge and Baseball

Cigar events: Last night watching the Dodgers crush the dreams of the Cubs repeating as World Champions. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Dodgers destroy the Cubs, lighting a victory cigar

Cigar Events:  Baseball revisited with a cigar touch   First off I am a Red Sox fan but appreciate great baseball.  I paid a visit

Cigar News you can use: We like new cigar blends

La Palina cigars is upping their ante by releasing new blends , boosting their production, and marketing their products more aggressively. All good stuff. Keep

Cigar News you can use: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge

Cigar News: The “Wolf” is my cigar hood and David Weiss is the gatekeeper. Very cool place to hang , meet people or do your

Cigar News you can use: Another fund raiser for hurricane relief work

Cigar news: Important work still being done for victims of Hurricane Irma Keep smoking  GURKHA MIAMI EVENT TO BENEFIT HURRICANE IRMA RELIEF EFFORTS Gurkha Cigars

Cigar News you can use: Still makes no sense

Cigar News: The FDA is basically clueless and here is another example of a poor idea that badly managed. But then again the FDA does

Cigar event: Saturday Wolf time

Cigar event: Cigar video , afternoon interlude at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Keep smoking    

Cigar videos leading to more cigars

Cigar events: Cigar videos Work and life have gotten in the way the last week or so to keep on top of my blog.  I

Cigar News you can use: Sir Winnie and a half smoked stogie

Cigar News: If you reallly want a part a history , here it is. Keep smoking Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000 By THE ASSOCIATED

Cigar News you can use: Cigars in high places

Cigar News: An interesting  article on an up and coming star in Florida politics and a cigar guy too. Keep smoking From cigar czar to

Lifestyle News : Red Sox Baseball Season Wrap, The Sox are in the Red

LIFESTYLE : THE SOX ARE IN THE RED October 10, 2017 Urban Fishing Pole Cigars News Leave a comment   Baseball/Lifestyle: Red Sox  2017  and

Cigar Review: Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano

Cigar Review: Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano Cigar review: Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano I have seen this smoke advertised as the new wave of cigars offering

Cigar Event: Red Sox and Rocky Patel

Cigar Events:  Finally a Red Sox win at Fenway. On to the next game. Keep smoking  

Cigar Events : Guest blogger

By LUCIANO PERDOMO As an avid cigar smoker and connoisseur, the cigar shops and lounges of Ybor City are like a second home for me,

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