Cigar review: Famous Nicaragua Blend

Cigar Review:  In my view bundled cigars are at best a compromise. The idea is to try getting a smoke that satisfies the basic requirements for your needs.  Ok taste, very reasonable price, construction that does not fail and you don’t mind if you don’t smoke to completion.

Manufacturers produce bundled cigars by the millions. It must be profitable as they are sold usually 20 -25 to a bunch, very little marketing , no elaborate packing . I usually do not buy them as I want my cigar experience to be more than a quickie. That’s not to say I will not on occasion smoke a couple. I pick my spots consuming this  type of cigar.

This review will not be a full on description of every nuance of the cigar. I will give  you some of the highs, lows and details. I received this cigar from a friend gratis but as always how and where i get the product does not influence my subjective view. If you would like to purchase the cigar, it can be found at Famous Cigars, a large catalogue company.

The good points: Construction was pretty solid with a box pressed oily feel to the wrapper. The wrapper did look like it was just plucked from a cigar stalk. Solid brown color with a contrasting band in bold print. Good combo.

First third was a blend of chocolate and orange peel. Smooth start with no real intensity. Slow burn which was steady.  For the first 40 minutes I was generally pleased with the overall scope of the cigar.

The bad points: After the initial 40 minutes the cigar took a turn south. The burn became totally uneven for no real reason. It did eventually self correct but I was battling through it. This made it a real bother to smoke.  The flavor stayed on course but this could not overcome the poor construction. I wanted to make it to the end but could not.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

I am not going to give a number breakdown as I usually do. Bundled cigars have their merits so if you get half a good cigar out of a smoke, I guess that is OK. This cigar lasted a slightly less than half in the positive so if that is the standard, it did not make the cut. The best way to tackle a bundled cigar is keep buying them until you get one that you feel comfortable with. Since there are so many in the market , you have plenty of choices.

Keep smoking


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