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Important to support the relief efforts for the citizens of Cuba for all those who enjoy the taste of Cuban cigars, culture and lifestyle. Here is one company who believes it is important to lead by example.

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Hurricane Irma laid a trail of devastation across the Caribbean and Southern United States. As an act of solidarity with Cuba, Pacific Cigar Company is donating 10% of all retail sales from 18 September until the end of the month to Hurricane Irma relief to assist the people of Cuba.

A Pacific Cigar Company spokesperson said “we all feel devastated by the ravages done to the entire region by Hurricane Irma. Our entire organisation wants to show solidarity and support to the Cuban people by consolidating desperately needed funds.”

The Pacific Cigar Company Limited (PCC) is the exclusive distributor for the Habanos Cigars Brands for the Asia Pacific Region. The distribution was granted by Habanos Sociedad Anonima (Habanos S.A.) the only Cuban Enterprise authorized to export the well-known Havanas from Cuba in June 1992.


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