Cigar Events: Cigar guys are the best

Cigar Event:

Several years ago I met Egda Lovo at a similar cigar event at Porter Valley Country Club. Egda is a master cigar roller with years of experience perfecting his craft. He also has his own store and lounge in Rialto, Ca. 

Egda knows the business inside/out as a store  owner and a cigar aficionado . In a brief conversation I had with him, He remarked the tobacco tax hike in California has hit his business with sales down. He must pass on the tax to his customers.

Still he remains upbeat as he believes  patrons will continue to buy his products and smoke cigars in his store.

He can be contacted at his website, or if you are near his store , the address is 110 W. First St. Rialto, Ca. 92376.  Pay him  a visit, smoke his cigars and say hello . 

Keep smoking


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