Cigar news you can use: A moment of sanity in California

Cigar news:  Gov. Brown hits the mark

Living in a state where tobacco use is often equated as  heinous behavior, Gov. Brown actually made sense in his veto of this bill. Outdoor smoking at least for now will still be permissible in state parks and beaches.

However as a thought I suggest all tobacco users especially cigarette smokers make it a point to properly dispose of their butts. Bring a piece of foil or a baggy and put the remaining part of your smoke into it and throw in a proper receptacle . Cigar butts too need to carefully removed and not left in grassy areas, sidewalks, and similar landscapes.

First off it is a safety issue as fires may start from a still burning cigarette or cigar.

It is also unsightly , might be a health risk and it is the right thing to do.  Trash is unacceptable in all forms.  With a little care and civic responsiblity , tobacco users should do their part to keep the environment clean .

Thanks to Halfwheel for this update.

Keep smoking



If people can’t smoke even on a deserted beach, where can they?

That wasthe question that Gov. Jerry Brown posed to the California State Assembly on Friday in a pair of letters accompanying his vetoes of A.B. 725 and S.B. 386, both of which sought to ban smoking on state beaches and throughout the state’s parks system.

Brown referenced a similar veto of SB 1333 last year, citing that he believed it to be too broad and far-reaching of a prohibition. Additionally, he said that the fines called for in this year’s bills, which can reach upwards of $485 in SB 386, were simply excessive.

“There must be some limit to the coercive power of government,” Brown closed his veto letters.

The Assembly could still override the governor’s veto, as each chamber would need to approve a bill by a two-thirds vote, which is not out of the question. A.B. 725 passed its third reading in the California Senate 26-11 with three abstaining, while S.B. 386 cleared its final vote in the California Assembly 56-22 with one abstaining.

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