Cigar News: Great story for all of us

Cigar News: You need to read this story and just smile.

Keep smoking


We’ve all heard that smoking a cigarette takes 11 minutes off your lifespan and drinking is injurious to health. However, for 111-year-old Richard Overton, the oldest man in the United States, those acts are a part of his routine (he’s made it past a hundred, he must know what he’s talking about).

According to, Overton, born in 1906, spends most of his days sitting on his front porch in Austin, Texas, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. He still lives in his home and he still drives. Overton is also the oldest living WWII veteran, having served from 1940 to 1945.

“I smoke at least 12 cigars a day on my front porch,” Overton told People. “And most of my whiskey is from Tennessee.” Some have taken this to mean that drinking booze may be the secret to a long life. I, however, am a bit more skeptical. I mean, if you can make it through WWII, you can make it through anything. As long as you’ve got your whiskey and cigars, of course.

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