Cigar Events: Super Bowl Sunday Cigar Decisions

Cigar events: The last two Super Bowl Sundays I was fortunate enough to spend at The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles with 40 or so cigar friends. While I enjoy football, the game was almost secondary as I mostly wanted to hang out , smoke cigars and eat pizza.

Little did we all know the match between Atlanta and New England would turn out to be the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. I was barely paying attention as my cigars held my interest throughout the one sided first half and even through the dynamic second half.

My two cigar choices for the game was a Montecristo #2 for the first half and a Partegas Serie D for the rest of the game. My third pick was a Montecristo #4 if I needed to go in that direction.

As of right now my knee injury prevents me from driving and spending time away for several hours to watch the game. I am hoping as of this Sunday, the injury will be better so at least I can be driven to the Lone Wolf and spend quality time with the crew.

As for the game it should be tight but the Patriots will prevail, 24-21

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