Cigar News: Am I wrong about this?

Cigar news and Commentary:

This a short take and a question to my readers. There are certain cigar brands that I have tried and a majority of the time do not like their product line. I may have only smoked a select few of their products or maybe a great deal but how many cigars do you need to smoke before you say no more?

I am not going to mention the brands I am referring to because you the consumer may enjoy the cigar brand. This is not a discussion about what you like or what I like. My point is as I as a rule, the brands in question do not make my hit list.

If someone asked me to review a particular cigar from the manufacturer I certainly would try to be as objective as I could be. However as I always state in my reviews , the overall determination is subjective and you need to make your own opinion.

I am trying to be up front about my view of certain cigar brands Those cigar folks who like the cigars from brand X, please continue to support and smoke those smokes.

My question is this. Do you smoke cigars from certain favorite brands or does that really matter?

Keep smoking

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