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Cigar folks and just about everyone else should look forward to the new eatery coming this summer in the Coral Gables area in Florida. If they invite me and pay my way, I be there too.

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The acclaimed group, known for successful culinary brands, will add Coral Gables as a “home” for one of their popular concepts.


(Miami, Florida) May 3, 2018— Miami is all about diversity, economic growth, and evolution as it relates to many industries including its culinary landscape. 2018 will see a great addition to the dynamic city, with the addition of Salumeria 104 Coral Gables. The eatery is slated to open after the summer in the heart of the “City Beautiful”.


Salumeria 104 is one of the successful brands by Graspa Group, widely recognized for Segafredo, Spris and their catering company Spuntino. With the success of the success of Salumeria 104 in Midtown for six years now, the team proudly announces its latest venture will be situated on the iconic Miracle Mile.


Salumeria 104 will offer its signature, genuine fare, with a no-fuss dining spot offering a core set of delicious dishes complemented by daily specials. The concept fuses the Italian trattoria and neighborhood salumi (cured meats) shop concepts to offer unique delicacies. Chef & Co-Owner Angelo Masarin creates dishes inspired by his childhood. The menu focuses on seasonal ingredients as well as a variety of imported salumi that is exclusive to Salumeria 104 to dine in or purchase by the pound.


It’s been stated that George Merrick was inspired by the Garden City and City Beautiful movements of the 19th and early 20th century to create in 1925 one of the nation’s first fully-planned communities. He incorporated residential enclaves and commercial areas inspired by the architectural style of the Mediterranean. Today, Salumeria 104 will fit into this area perfectly, with its blend of Northern Italy’s rustic charm and the undeniable vibrancy of Coral Gables.


Graziano Sbroggio, founder of Graspa Group stated: “We have long been operating our restaurant concepts all over Miami. When seeking a home for the new Salumeria 104, we felt the best place to open a restaurant with Italian cuisine was Coral Gables. We are pleased to have found a space on the very iconic Miracle Mile. With its surrounding downtown streets paired with European-style outdoor cafes, we think we can provide residents, employees, business community and tourists with an enjoyable dining experience”.


The Graspa Group chose the area knowing that Coral Gables boasts one of only three National Landmarks in Miami-Dade County. There are also nine properties listed, as well as over 1300 locally designated properties. The famed Miracle Mile and downtown area is home to many unique specialty stores and over 120 international restaurants, a true paradise for both casual and gourmet patrons. The new venue will take the 117 space on “the mile”.




Graspa Group, one of Miami’s top restaurant management companies, was established in 2002 and operates successful dining venues including: Spris and Segafredo on Lincoln Road, Spuntino Bakery & Catering, Salumeria 104, Spris Artisan Pizza (Midtown, Downtown Miami and a “pop -up” at The Wharf, Miami River District), as well as Segafredo Bayside.


Graspa Group specializes in restaurants focused on the age-old Italian combination of good food and good people. It has driven the growth of Graspa Group to more than 250 employees. It is this simple recipe of professionalism, innovation, and quality that has allowed for awards and significant recognition within the hospitality industry over the years.


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