Fitness Lifestyle: I used to be

Fitness: I hear from clients as a fitness trainer this phrase so often in some variation, ” I used to be in shape, I used

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Cigar review: Just Whistle and blow

Cigar Review:         Each cigar has its advocates and detractors. Making a cigar which hopefully will sell, and be a consistent winner

Lifestyle: Talk to the animals

Lifestyle: Animal world       I realized today how much time I spend with animals in all sorts of different environments. This a great way

Cigar Events: We are all together

  Cigar events: Saturday afternoon at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge, met two young filmmakers and discussed their new project. They start shooting in July

Cigar News you can use: News across the Pacific/Satire

Cigar News: The world is a strange place to live. Keep smoking NEWS IN BRIEF Kim Jong-Un Thrown Into Labor Camp For Attempting To Cross

Cigar Events: All Natural

Cigar events:     Three Punch cigars in a row.  Trying to figure out what that means. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: Case you needed to know

Cigar news: Good article from the minds of Holt’s cigars, a catalogue company with a large selection and fair prices. I do not get any

Cigar News you can use: General Cigar makes a change

Cigar News: Life is lonely at the top we have been told, so welcome and good luck to the top of General Cigar’s team. Keep

Cigar Events: Surprise , no , not really

Cigar Events: After 3 visits to the car dealership, I finally got my electronic problem fixed. Like computers, when they screw up , not always

Cigar News you can use: It’s all good

Cigar News: Another cigar I will probably never smoke.  Keep smoking RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ 88: ASIA PACIFIC’S LATEST REGIONAL EDITION April 23, 2018 Samuel Spurr The

Cigar News you can use: Local LA happening

Cigar news and events: If you are in town, take a gander at this cigar event this Friday. Great place to pick up some bargains,

Cigar News: And other things

Cigar News/Commentary     As my site is not exclusively about cigars, I do get readers who are may be  uninformed  in this area.  These

Cigar Events: Not looking for answers

Cigar events: My own event with Punch Cigars in the afternoon in Los Angeles. Keep smoking  

Cigar News you can use: Crisis or not?

CIGAR INDUSTRY Protests In Nicaragua Erupt In Violence, Cigar Industry Unaffected APRIL 23, 2018 | By Gregory Mottola Photo/iStock Violent clashes between police and protesters

Cigar News you can use: Hit the ball

Cigar news: I work for a golf company so there are some rules. Here is a great article taken from the Word Press about how

Cigar Lifestyle: The car life in Los Angeles

The main concept that east coast people need to realize about Los Angeles is things do get done but not at their pace. It might

Cigar review: Is red my favorite color?

Cigar review: Macanudo Inspirado Red               General Cigar decided we did not have enough Macanudo choices on the market

Cigar Events: Saturday at the Lounge with Clay Roberts

Cigar events: Old crony Clay Roberts of La Palina Cigars popped up unexpectedly at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon. Clay travels all over

Cigar News you can use: Cigar Advisor picks them for you

Cigar news: The friendly folks from Famous Smoke giving you the low down of top torpedo blends for your smoking pleasure. Keep smoking 2018 CA

Cigar News you can use: Press release for new CAO blend

Cigar news; General Cigar Co.’s release for TAA members will be a CAO. Later this month, the company will offer the CAO Estelí as an

Cigar Lifestyle: Good day Sunshine

  Cigar Lifestyle: How would you like to wake up Friday mornings to this wonderful feeling? Make it a fun day every moment. You got

Cigar Lifestyle: Thought for the day

Cigar Lifestyle: Easy does it. Keep smoking    

Cigar News you can use: LA’s dark side

Cigar news: Los Angeles is not all glitter, movie stars and idle chatter. Here is a side of LA that is very real. Keep smoking

Cigar News/Lifestyle: The Reel Deal

Cigar News/Lifestyle:  The Urban Fishing Pole Cigars has a natural partner with our friends who actually fish. Here is a great site and information for

Cigar Events: You need to deal with it

Cigar events: Had some car issues today, light on my dash would not shut off and my key remote would not work. Was told to

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