Cigar News: Where do you buy your cigars on line?








Cigar News:

It is my hope you support  local B and M’s by buying cigars, and ancillary items from them. As we know there may be products that are not available from the cigar merchant or their prices might be a bit high for your pocket.

The reality is of course, we do buy from on-line dealers. I have questions about this  for you.

What cigar vendors online do you prefer? There are many high-powered companies that  you may have frequented in the past but what about the smaller dealers that are not as well-known?

Also inform me about how professional is the service they provide?

This would include:

Availability  of product

Cost of shipping, different types of shipping options.

If a problem develops how long does it take to rectify? Are service professionals on staff  that can help you fix the issue , make suggestions and give you deals?

Do they offer single sticks, samplers or just boxes?

Please drop me a note and let me know, The results will be posted on the website and Twitter.

Keep smoking



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