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Top of the line humidor maven Daniel Marshall is giving you a chance to upgrade your humidor. Here are the details on how this program works.

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Daniel Marshall Launches “Cash for Clunkers” Humidor Program

Daniel Marshall Cash for Clunkers Humidor Program

Famed humidor and cigar maker Daniel Marshall, is launching an ambitious and unique program aimed at helping cigar connoisseurs trade up to a top quality humidor they can trust. Hoping to prove how a quality humidor can improve upon the quality and state of a cigar, Marshall has announced the launch of its “DM Cash for Clunkers” program. Inspired by the automotive program “Cash for Clunkers”, Marshall and his team designed a similar program that will allow customers to trade in their “clunker” humidors for a quality Daniel Marshall humidor.

“Every year we hear from countless humidor owners about how they ‘would love to one day own a Daniel Marshall humidor,’” said Marshall. “They often inquire about ways to trade up from their average humidor to an exquisite Daniel Marshal Humidor, considered to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of humidors,” said Marshall in a press release.

The program had a soft launch in April and already over 135 people have taken part. With this program, Marshall is offering a limited number of customers a rare chance to own one of Marshall’s highly rated humidors that’s designed to keep cigars in optimal condition and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

“It has been our daily mission and purpose since 1982 to tell the story of the humidor and how vital the humidor is to care, protect and enhance the whole cigar experience. Throughout history, the humidor has been the stepchild to the cigar, not acknowledged or value-appreciated in many parts of the world. Now that more and more people enjoy the finest cigars made, they have witnessed that the most highly sought after, collected and top rated cigars in the world are aged for a very long time in a stable, top quality humidor. The finest of humidors can be trusted to replicate the environment of cigar growing regions. With the introduction of the program, it is my hope that more cigar enthusiasts can prove the benefits to themselves,” Marshall commented.

Customers can trade in any humidor and receive a $100 voucher and complimentary UPS shipping label to mail in their “clunker” humidor. The voucher can be redeemed toward one of three Daniel Marshall humidors.

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