Lifestyle: Love your feet, fashion statement

Lifestyle: Fashion statement

After my knee/leg injury this past winter, a pair of  shoes would not fit as my right foot was very swollen. I was forced to wear the blue hospital socks as my main foot garb. Since I rarely left the house , it did not matter too much.

After two months of being housebound , my wife came home with a pair of All Birds,a shoe made of Marinowool, very soft to the touch. I did some reading on this brand and it was making the rounds on the web as a new type of shoe. The Wall Street Journal ran an extensive piece on the company and their background.

Several of her office mates were so taken with these shoes, they bought all the available  colors. All Birdswere only purchased through the web for $95 a pop. They had two styles and she got the lace version.

So the bottom line was I was so thrilled with the comfort and fit of All Birds, I now have 3 pairs of them. I did try their newer version made of Eucalyptus which did not fit me properly.

I am not a fashion guy but do appreciate well made products with some style. The hipsters in LA have made All Birds , the shoe choice of the moment.

Either way, they are great for me, an older dude with a recovering knee.

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