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Great overview of rules for cigar smoking on the golf course. As I work for a golf company I see many golfers who are very considerate when they are on the links. However, it is a good idea to refresh yourself on what is acceptable and courteous  to all golfers.

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Cigar Smoking on the Golf Course: a Few Basic Tips

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Golfing and cigars go hand in hand. Getting out on the course is a great way to unwind, and a stogie (or two) only makes the experience better.

While there aren’t a ton of rules when it comes to cigar smoking while golfing, there are a few things to keep in mind to make it even more enjoyable

So try these tips next time you’re teeing off and lighting up.

Be considerate of others.

Cigar smoking is a gentleman’s pursuit. You should always be considerate of others.

So when you’re on the course, be cognizant of the wind direction. Try to position yourself so that your smoke blows away from players who may not want to smell it.

It’s also a good idea to ask your cart-mate if it’s okay before you light up. And if can you bring enough cigars to share with everyone in your group, it’s all the better.

Be careful where you lay down your cigar.

In between shots, you may be faced with the dilemma of where to put your cigar. This is one of the more important etiquette points when it comes to cigar smoking on the golf course.

The most important thing to watch is the greens. Putting your burning cigar down on the putting surfaces is generally frowned upon. Also, don’t ash on them either.

At fancy courses, you may not want to place your cigar down on the fairway as well–though that may be a bit extreme.

So, now that you know where not to put your cigar, where should you put it?

There are many specially designed golf cigar holders for that purpose. If there’s some place in your cart, that’s also a good option. You can also resort to the rough–just be careful that the grass isn’t wet or that chemicals haven’t been applied recently.

And if it doesn’t mess with your game, the simplest solution might be to just keep the cigar in your mouth.

Choose larger cigars.

On weekends, courses can get backed up. Plus, a round of golf isn’t exactly short to begin with. This means, when it comes to golfing and cigars, you have ample time to enjoy a larger stogie. Plus, your cigar may also go unsmoked for some time while you’re hitting, and larger cigars have a higher tolerance for re-lighting if they go out.

Bring a Torch.

The wind can wreak havoc on your shots, and it can also make lighting your cigar a pain. Even when you try to block the wind, matches and small lighters often just won’t cut it, so a torch lighter is essential for cigar smoking while golfing. You’ll be thankful you have it, even it if it won’t help your slice.

Do you have any tips for cigar smoking on the golf course? Leave us a comment.

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