Cigar reviews: Not really a review

Cigar reviews: Not a review but commentary. 


I enjoy reading cigar reviews from many media sources in the print, video, social networks  and others. Most often I read cigar bloggers for their reviews and thoughts on cigar products, business, news, and cigar lifestyle. 

It’s a learning experience for me as cigar bloggers may have more experience , get more detailed information or just write better. This hopefully makes me a better writer too as I get ideas from what they present. 

The cigar network is not an extensive one with a smaller group than say sports, fashion or food. Make a Google search and you will the scope of cigar blogs. 

Sometimes a cigar blogger will review a cigar, state their opinion of the smoke and rate it according to a system they use. When I rate a cigar it is always with the thought it is a subjective opinion and urge the reader should try the cigar themselves. This assures a more accurate opinion I think. If there are 75 individuals who like a cigar and I don’t , it may mean I missed something.

This leads me to a review I just recently read about a newish release that was highly touted and marketed. I also did a review on this product several months ago and thought it was at the time an outstanding cigar and the best smoke of the year.

I saw the review from a cigar blogger who I truly respect and find his style of writing, incisive, funny and well crafted. We smoked the same cigar at different times , and he basically thought it was horrible.  

I read his review and the re-read it again. There were a couple of points that he wrote of that made sense but the review slammed the cigar.

I mention this not because he was wrong or I was right but how different cigar smokers may be in trying the same smoke.  I only had the smoke in question one time, but after reading his review, I need to try it again. 

The cigar for me was a well crafted, outstanding smoke with a taste profile that was complex and fulfilling to my palate. 

The take away from this is cigars do vary within the box and for other reasons. However,  many times you need to give a cigar a second chance , to really appreciate or not the blend.

Keep smoking

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