Cigar events: tonight

Cigar events: Reward for a busy week. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: I don’t get it

Lifestyle/Events: Rain go away I truly do not understand why LA drivers do not get the basic understanding that it is important to moderate driving

Cigar events: The full pictures

Cigar events: The shape of the present. Keep smoking 9

Music/Lifestyle: Music for the soul and other concepts too.

Music/Lifestyle: There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. Keep smoking 12.30.18 Controlled Danger Las Vegas, Nevada Available Soon 5.31.19 Dead & Company Mountain View,

Cigar events: cool animals

Cigar events: my pets know every thing. Keep smoking

Cigar events: no parking allowed

Cigar events: missed my parking spot. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: wanting attention?

Lifestyle: who’s the boss? Keep smoking

Cigar review: Early Christmas present/ Isabela Cigar Company, Shape-Shifter

Cigar review: I was pleasantly surprised to receive a cache of cigars from the Isabela Cigar company for review. This is their newest  blend called

Cigar events: Delightful and tasty

Cigar events: You get what you need. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Fall is not the same in Los Angeles

Cigar events: Walking around Santa Monica and Los Angeles Thanksgiving day. I needed to wear a hat, the rest of the country was freezing their

Cigar events: Tooling around

Cigar events: Thanksgiving in Los Angeles and Santa Monica Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: As reported by Tobacco Business

Cigar news: While not a fan of flavored tobacco, tighter controls prove nothing. Keep smoking Banning Flavored Tobacco Products is Not the Answer By Tobacco

Cigar events: thanks to Isabela Cigars

Cigar events: Receiving the goods today. Will review and smoke soon. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Mandi’s in charge

Lifestyle: warming up to winter. Keep smoking

Cigar events: what makes America great

Cigar events: Number one in a series. Keep smoking

Cigar review: New type of review

Cigar review: It’s been a very crazy weekend. The plumbing in the house has gone into a deep zone. What we thought was a minor

Cigar review: San Cristobal

Cigar review: Working on this right now. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: We are always on a road

Lifestyle: Cigars and other thoughts My blog entries have been somewhat scattered the last two weeks as I am finally back to my full-time job

Lifestyle: 3 faces of Miss Ruthie

Lifestyle: Cute or not ? Keep smoking

Lifestyle: who’s the boss?

Lifestyle: Mandi’s the boss. Keep smoking

Cigar events: it’s all too much

Cigar events: California on fire. Keep smoking

Cat Lifestyle: Cheetah knows all

Cigar events: keeping it sane

Cigar events: No more wind, too many fires. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Smoke city

Cigar events: Fire all around. Keep safe and keep smoking.

Cigar events: mapping out Friday

Cigar events: Not in India. Keep smoking

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