Cigar review: The rich get richer?

Cigar review: Certain cigar brands have such cache they are held in very high regard even if it’s not a good smoke. Davidoff cigars do

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Cigar commentary: Is this fair?

Cigar commentary/news:   I was going through my emails and noticed several pitches from cigar catalogue companies for Gurkha Cigars. Gurkha Cigars are one of

Cigar events: Smoked ,review to follow soon.

Cigar events: Meant to write the text of the review last night. Other things got in the way. Here is a tease of the cigar

Cigar events: Habano heaven

Cigar events: could be anywhere. Keep smoking

Fitness news you can use: Golfers need this

Fitness news/lifestyle: A way to lower your score and get better overall golf mechanics. I’m certified in Golf Fitness from NASM. Any questions? Contact me.

Cigar events: city smoke, LA style

Cigar events: Dog and me. The way it is. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Villiger scores a top rating

Cigar news: The Villiger folks are hitting their stride with an outstanding line of premium cigars. I have reviewed their smokes several times and concur

Cigar news you can use: Press release: Fun and cigars and convention

Cigar news: Come to  Las Vegas for the next big convention for the cigar industry. Keep smoking For immediate release: CONTACT TPE Show Contact: Hilary

Cigar news you can use: Move to the present : reported by Cigar Aficionado/Punch rebranding

Cigar news: Punch a favorite brand of mine will now be sporting a new design and look. The products will hopefully retain their full-bodied appeal

Cigar events: after the Rams win

Cigar events: it never ends

Cigar events : keep finding these cigars in my humidor. Good for me. Keep smoking

Cigar events : Focus on flavor

Cigar events: Small package, big flavor Keep smoking

Cigar events: Mandi knows cigars

Cigar events: Finally drying out. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: For those who need a small smoke

Cigar news: Not my cup of coffee but here we go. Keep smoking Swedish Match Launches Night Owl Pipe Tobacco Cigars Nationwide Packaging Drives Innovation

Lifestyle: Growing up in grit

Lifestyle: Long Island City high school, Queens NY. Urban life. Graduated 1969 Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: New hookup,

Cigar news: Years in the making or at least in 2019. Great deals and cigar folks. Check out their website for your cigar needs. Keep

Cigar events: A Villiger moment

Cigar events: Serenity now with Viliger Cigars. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Floodgates

Lifestyle: What LA calls winter. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: A movie review of sorts/ A Star is Born

Lifestyle: A Star is Born with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has made a shit load of money , grossing over 400

Cigar events: No snow day

Cigar events: Los Angeles climate change. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Rain in LA, watch out

Lifestyle: two examples of what happens when it rains in Los Angeles Keep smoking.

Cigar events: Govern by nonsense

Cigar events: Nothing gets done. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Camacho on cue

Cigar review : This is my first review of 2019 . Was attempting to push the review out almost 2 weeks ago but that failed

Cigar review: Not yet

Cigar review: Was planning to write my review of the Camacho Corojo yesterday but did not achieve the goal. It will happen soon, before the

Cigar events: I’m not Khrushchev

Cigar events: Cold War revisited. Keep smoking

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