Lifestyle: A movie review of sorts/ A Star is Born

Lifestyle: A Star is Born with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has made a shit load of money , grossing over 400 million. I was urged by many to see the flick as it was given glowing reviews by critics and viewers alike.

I never have seen any version of the movie before , so perhaps this would make me more objective and not be influenced by what others had thought. My wife is a member of the Academy so we are fortunate to get screeners. so we saw the movie home.

Last night was our own screening of the movie and after careful thought and consideration, it was like I was watching two different cuts of the same film.

The first 1/2 , kept my interest with the interplay and ” discovery ” of the Lady Gaga character. Bradley Cooper’s role as a composite of a raging, alcoholic, successful country singer with demons clinging all over him was well crafted.

Lady Gaga’s singing chops are well-known , her acting ability needs some work. Still, I was entertained.

Not sure what happened to the movie as she becomes the ” Star” and Bradley Cooper falls into the trap of an alcoholic, drug user and a good dose of  massive depression. Seems like the direction and writing of the movie fell into a series of scenes which was looking for the worst , hackneyed , feel sorry for the couple clichés.

My dog fell asleep while I was watching the second part of the movie and I came close. . For those who still has not seen the movie , go ahead, would be interested what you think of the second half mess.  Maybe you will get something from this movie that I did not get. Inform me.

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