Cigar events: 2019 Cigar resolutions

Cigar commentary: Some thoughts as we enter 2019 as the cigar world turns. 1. Pay less attention to the price of cigar and pay more

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Cigar Events: Today in LA

Cigar events: All around the block. Keep smoking

Cigar events: return of Louisville’s finest

Cigar events: surprise visit from Mickey, son of the south. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: night moves

Cigar events: Homecoming. Keep smoking

Cigar events/lifestyle

Cigar events/lifestyle: Not exactly a event to cheer about but today is the anniversary of my ill timed work injury which ruptured my right patella

Lifestyle: A New York City Tale

Lifestyle: Today is the anniversary of my move from Manhattan to the Bronx in 1956. It is a very clear remembrance as if it happened

Cigar events/Lifestyle: A major award

Cigar events/Lifestyle: Merry Christmas from the west coast and my favorite Christmas movie,  A Christmas Story. Keep smoking

Cigar event: Jolly St. Nick

Cigar event: Christmas cheer and cigars. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Hoyo me

Cigar review: I have been under pressure from some followers to write a new review.  I received an email from one cigar dude who asked

Cigar Events: Mandi after a hard workout

Cigar events: cool paw Mandi. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Not Christmas yet

Cigar events: Relax have a cigar Keep smoking

Cigar Events : First winter dayS

Cigar events: Roughing it in LA Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Frugal or cheap?

Cigar news: Had a brief cigar discussion today with a follower who wanted to know when does a cigar become a bargain or pricy? His

Lifestyle: The California incline cliffs of Santa Monica

Lifestyle: keeping the tourists happy. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Best cigars of 2018?

Cigar events: As we all know this is the month that cigar bloggers, magazines, just about everyone in the world who ever smoked a cigar

Cigar news you can use: C.A’s best cigar buys of 2018

Cigar news: While I do not always agree with Cigar Aficionado’s reviews, they do have the resources to find best buys for cigars. As the

Lifestyle: Los Angeles understands

Lifestyle: Too much of everything. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: almost clean

Cigar events: beard trim and a cigar. Keep smoking

Cigar news: Old but very new

Cigar news: Villiger cigars has made a giant effort to make a splash in the premium cigar arena and we are seeing the results.  The

Cigar news you can use: Cigar Aficionado magazine has the facts

Cigar news: We are still smoking. Cigar friends like what they are smoking as the number of premium cigars sold keep going up. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: LIC’s credit gap

Lifestyle: Twenty years after graduation from LIC. Quality questionable. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: LA sunset

Lifestyle: Big money for this view. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Santa Monica morning

Lifestyle: shake and bake. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Christmas cheer, giving and Ventura Cigars

Cigar news and events: For the cigar smoker that enjoys Ventura cigars. Keep smoking  For immediate release: CONTACT Rachel McKnett Kretek International Gift The

Cigar event/news: Almost the most important cigar announcement of 2018

Cigar event/news: The moment some of you have been waiting for. It’s time for the favorite cigars of 2018. The list of cigars have all

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