Cigar review: Short form/Joya de Nicaragua

Cigar review:  As I mentioned in my video yesterday, Joya de Nicaragua was not a brand that I have  tasted for many years.

As a lancero  was staring at me in the humi shelves of the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge, I  was destined to smoke it. This is not a full  out review but in a few short paragraphs, I will give you my subjective thoughts.

Good looking and well constructed cigar with a small pigtail. No soft spots or flaws in the design. It gave a look of a stellar performance.

As I sat down in  the lounge and smoked the lancero, it became very clear the flavor and taste was very muddled and flinty. I wondered what direction the blend was going to take but was not getting any positive signs. 

I continued to smoke the Joya, the cigar was still giving me bad vibes. Bitter, strong and stinging my throat.

Still, I vowed to finish the cigar hoping it would give some pleasure but this did not happen. 

Was it a bad cigar or representative of the whole line? Not going to give it a second chance so I guess for me, will never find out.

Keep smoking

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