Cigar review: Always looking

Cigar review: This line of CAO cigars has made quite the splash since it’s inception in 2014. I have had the other cigars produced for

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Cigar Review: Henry Clay/old name with new trappings

                Cigar review: The original Henry Clay to me was a good, no nonsense blend which produced 60

Cigar review: From the vault

Cigar review: I was going through the website and looking at several older reviews. This one struck me as such a good smoke, it’s worth

Cigar review: Gilberto Olivia Reserva Blanc

Cigar review: After reading the best of Cigar Aficionado top 25 for the past year, I checked out the best deals for under $6 the

Cigar review: Short form/Joya de Nicaragua

Cigar review:  As I mentioned in my video yesterday, Joya de Nicaragua was not a brand that I have  tasted for many years. As a

Cigar review: Villiger San D’oro Colorado

Cigar review: I am not exactly pushing myself to write reviews so far this year. As this is only my second go in 2019, let’s

Cigar events: Been awhile for a review

Cigar events: Only one review so far this year. Lot’s of reasons why this has not happened. Been smoking cigars but definitely less opportunites to

Cigar review: The rich get richer?

Cigar review: Certain cigar brands have such cache they are held in very high regard even if it’s not a good smoke. Davidoff cigars do

Cigar review: Camacho on cue

Cigar review : This is my first review of 2019 . Was attempting to push the review out almost 2 weeks ago but that failed

Cigar review: Not yet

Cigar review: Was planning to write my review of the Camacho Corojo yesterday but did not achieve the goal. It will happen soon, before the

Cigar event/news: Almost the most important cigar announcement of 2018

Cigar event/news: The moment some of you have been waiting for. It’s time for the favorite cigars of 2018. The list of cigars have all

Cigar Review: Hot Time, Diesel Wicked

Cigar review: Diesel cigars were always a blip in my cigar world. I would sometimes smoke a Diesel if one was in my humidor or

Cigar review: Caution, do not step on tracks

Cigar review: Hoyo de Monterrey/Rothchild   Perhaps you can help me figure this one out. My review started pretty normally. I use my rating sheet

Cigar review: Smell the Coffee

Cigar review: Macanudo puts another link in their cigar chain. This past summer, they have come up with their first flavor infused cigar. In their

Cigar Review: It’s a Rocky road

Cigar review:   Rocky Patel’s company by sheer drive, determination and hundreds of blends has become one of most widely known cigar manufacturers in the

Cigar Lifestyle: Review the reviewers

      Cigar lifestyle: After a quick trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon I came up with this thought.  There are

Cigar review: Just Whistle and blow

Cigar Review:         Each cigar has its advocates and detractors. Making a cigar which hopefully will sell, and be a consistent winner

Cigar review: A Macanudo moment

                Given the title of best-selling cigar in the USA, Macanudo  is providing all smokers with a variety of

Cigar review: Punt away

Cigar review: La Aurora 1495 This was a strange day. I had a doctor’s visit scheduled so the office could  evaluate my recovery for my

Cigar /Lifestyle/Cigar news: Guidance

Cigar news:  Cigar commentary/Lifestyle   Interesting discussion on a Facebook site I am a member of. The question was, “ Do cigar ratings really matter?

Cigar Reviews: time to buy a new stash

Cigar Reviews: Top of the 2017 for the 2018 crowd It’s a new year old there, you spent countless hours reading reviews of the best

Cigar Review: A different kind of review, short version

Bahia Blu Toro       Cigar review: Bahia Blu was a very hot cigar back in the nineties for reasons I cannot fathom. I

Roll out the barrel

Cigar review: Camacho American Barrel Aged Master Built Series I needed to make some changes in my social media platform as apparently Facebook only allows

Second Time Around

Cigar Review After the wonderful time I had with the Brick House Churchill , I had high expectations for the Brick House Maduro Robusto. I

A half cigar review

Cigar Review The cigar in question Bolivar Churchill  from the Dominican Republic was a dud.  There are no need to give you the particulars about

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