Cigar events: Double header news from Xurvivor Cigars: Read the review

Cigar news: This review was a blast from the past. Keep smoking Americano Maduro 2018 – Advertisements

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Cigar news you can use: We waited and here it is: Xurvivor Cigars newest release

Cigar news : XURVIVOR CIGARS ANNOUNCED TODAY THE LAUNCH OF THE DIABLO LIMITED EDITION TAMPA, Florida – November 28, 2019 – Xurvivor Cigars announced today

Cigar review: From the vault

Cigar review: I was going through the website and looking at several older reviews. This one struck me as such a good smoke, it’s worth

Cigar news you can use: Cigar smokers take notice. Xurvivor Cigars touting their new cigar

Cigar news: Small town cigar folks making the big time. Very top of the line smoke. Keep smoking The latest news from – Ybor City & Xurvivor

Cigar News you can use: Xurvivor Cigars press release, Wave that flag boys

Cigar news: One of my favorite cigars of 2018 is strutting their stuff with a new offering starting today. Keep smoking XURVIVOR CIGARS ANNOUNCED TODAY

Cigar news: Press Release, new stuff from a cigar favorite, Xurvivor Cigars

XURVIVOR AMERICANO 661 AND GREEN COCK LIMITED EDITIONS TAMPA, Florida – March 27, 2019 – Xurvivor Cigars announced today the launch of the Xurvivor Americano 661

Cigar events: Pleasure is my middle name, not always

Cigar events: Following a path. Keep smoking

Cigar events: tales of a clean 🚗

Cigar events: off the beaten path

Cigar events: One of my cigar cronies had an unexpected medical event last week which fortunately will be able to recover from. However, to make

Cigar events: I need to learn how to pronounce

Cigar review: Xurvivor Americano 2018, Stars and Stripes Forever

Cigar review: How do you drive a person to a new cigar company?  What must a company do to make their products known to the

Cigar news you can use: take a gander at these cigars

Cigar news: When was the last time you used the word gander? Yea, me neither. Here are a sampler from the boutique company that I

Cigar news you can use: press release for Xurvivor cigar line

Cigar news: Not familiar with their product line but like to give a small guy a chance to let the cigar public know about their