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IMG_4774.jpgIMG_4775.jpgCigar review: I was going to get very cutesy with dog references all over the place. I still might throw a couple of them for this review but generally that can be very annoying. What I will do is let the folks at Diesel and General Cigar give you their description of the new creation.

img_4351Developed by AJ Fernandez with Justin Andrews and handcrafted by Tabacalera AJ Fernandez in Estel, Nicaragua, Diesel hair of the Dog is a medium-to-full bodied smoke with earthy flavor, notes of pepper and heady aroma. “

Senior Brand Manager Justin Andrews said, ” Diesel Hair of the Dog was blended to the just the right amount of kick. It’s not an overly powerful cigar, yet it delivers on the flavor. For the cigar lover who’s looking for the hair of the dog after a night of over-indulgence, or for anyone who seeks the complexity of Nicaraguan tobacco, Hair of the Dog is definitely going to do the trick.”

As always how and where I received the cigar does not impact my subjective judgment. I suggest you should try the stick yourself and make your own take.


Brand/Name of Cigar: Diesel/ Hair of the Dog

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Size: 6 x 54

Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Binder: Ecuador Sumatra

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Toro

Price: $10.00 SRP

Where and When Smoked: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge, Los Angeles, Ca. 4/6/19

Appearance/Construction: Solid, hefty look , box pressed, loaded with tobacco. Medium brown in appearance. Attractive appearance with a cigar band that complements the overall look of the smoke. No obvious construction issues.

Flavor/Taste and Aroma:  First third: Nice start with an almond, nut base and a grassy background , Cigar is smooth with spice added as we smoke.

Second third: Continues to please the palate, still smooth as the box press construction holds true.

Final third: Wow, the pepper is now throwing its weight around with a new mix of floral nuances and a taste of citrus too. This is a complex cigar with a powerful presence of spice.

Smoking Characteristics: Light to medium grey ash, even draw, no problems at all with the light and construction.

Conclusion/Overall Impression: The cigar grew stronger as I smoked which I did not expect. Actually got a nicotine buzz as we smoked down to the nub. I now know to eat a bit before I smoke this again.

Final Thoughts and the Numbers: As the Hair of the Dog is a brand new smoke on the market, let it be said this is much more powerful as advertised. Quality and good construction make this a winner for the experienced cigar buff. Diesel and General Cigar should be very happy about the development of the cigar.

Appearance/Construction: 4 out of 5

Flavor/Taste and Aroma:  4.2 out of 5

Smoking Characteristics:  4.2 out of 5


Overall : 4.13 out of 5

Keep smoking

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