Cigar news you can use: Cigar smokers take notice. Xurvivor Cigars touting their new cigar

Cigar news: Small town cigar folks making the big time. Very top of the line smoke.

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Americano 2019 Release

The Americano 2019 is the widely anticipated comeback for one of our most popular cigars from 2018. The 2019 collection is made with a Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco blend and a meticulous layering that we refer to as “unbalanced balance.” It offers enough consistency to enjoy a coherent smoking experience from beginning to end, yet enough complexity to offer an interesting ride that will take place across each third of the cigar. Read a few of the cigar reviews we received for last year’s Americano.

From last year’s critic’s reviews:

“My immediate reaction was WOW, what a rich, bold flavor…” CigarWeekly

“This is a humdinger of a cigar (can I use that word?) with a totally enjoyable smoking experience” –

“The construction was excellent, it burned perfectly” –

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Cigars & Ybor City News
Ybor City is now accepting photos for the annual Ybor City 2019 Spring Photo Contest. You can register your photos using the online submission form. The competition is free to enter and open to all members of the public. Ready to take the winning pic? We are sending our photos too!

Ybor City Private Event – Tomorrow –

It will be hard to top our April launch of the Americano 661, but we will try. This Friday, May 10, we will be hosting our second private event in Ybor City for cigar aficionados. This event also coincides with our inaugural event for the Americano 2019 collection. Don’t miss this private event in our Ybor City courtyard. You can register on our website if you are interested in attending this private event… Don’t wait, the event is tomorrow and seating is limited!
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