Cigar news you can use: C’est Dommage, Fromage


Cigar news: No reason to go to Paris now.

Keep smoking

Smoking ban for parks in Paris


Smoking will be banned in 52 Parisian parks from 8 June 2019 on. Those who get caught will have to pay.

After bans on smoking in the wild have already been imposed in some EU countries, e.g. on various beaches in Italy (including Bibione) and Germany and seaside resorts in Austria  (Klagenfurt), Paris is following suit with a drastic measure. Smoking is no longer permitted in 52 parks from 8 June. Strolling and smoking cigars on green spaces is therefore taboo in the city of love and enjoyment.
If we get caught, we have to pay EUR 38.

Paris, c’est dommage!


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