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I had a close friend who was a Pulitzer Prize author who was considered one of the definitive authorities on Mark Twain. His award winning book, Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain was the standard for many years about one of the most well known writers in the United States. My friend Justin Kaplan died several years ago and had nothing to do with this cigar. I just thought you would might be interested in reading his book

I am not even sure Justin even smoked.

I did not have much expectations for my smoking experience of the Mark Twain cigar brand.

It was one of the cigars you find in your humidor and not sure how it got there. It was the size of someone’s foot and not an attractive foot at that. The brand is available at many cigar catalogue companies for basically a song.

Does cheap price equal a poor cigar? Every so often you might find a bargain that meets your expectations. We have all gone through the process of buying an off brand and hoping your choice is a steal .

In my own experiences bundle cigars serve a purpose in the cigar world but you are not going to find a gem.

Anyway , I had time to smoke a cigar of this immense size. I grabbed the newspaper , ( yes, I still read newspapers , a true enjoyment ) , lit up the smoke and started to enjoy the afternoon.

Here is the shortened version of my thoughts of the Mark Twain.

Poor and uneven burn. Muddled taste with no distinction of any subtle nature.

Needed 2 or 3 relights in the first 20 minutes. The taste went from metallic to lead to crayon.

The cigar might have taken 2 hours to smoke. I gave up after 1/2 hour. Even that was dangerous to my mental well being. Mandi the dog was with me while I smoked the Mark Twain and she wanted to get into the house and she never wants to do this.

Does this cigar sound appealing to you ? As I always say, smoke the cigar yourself and make up your own mind. This “review ” is a subjective opinion.

Keep smoking

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