Cigar news you can use: Still need to fight

Cigar news: They  is a major need for friends to let politicans know what we feel about our love of the leaf.

There is an effective way to communicate  that cigar laws and regulation without understanding how it impacts the cigar community is not common sense.

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PCA Releases New Advocacy Guide

Frequently people may come into a cigar retail store angry about something they heard on the news about a cigar related FDA regulation. Or maybe a patron in a cigar lounge starts talking about political connections they have in Congress. These are instances where retailers can help mobilize premium cigar advocates.

PCA developed a new guide to provide the basics on what it means to be a premium cigar advocate, tools & resources to effectively communicate with government, and ways to get involved. This one-pager is a perfect resource to have handy at your cigar shop or lounge and can be shared with employees and customers alike. In order to defend the premium cigar industry, we need to continue to recruit, retain, and mobilize new champions to preserve this artisanal craft. PCA highly recommends that you share this resource with any store employees as a first step in gaining awareness for our new advocacy priorities.

PCA Op-ed in Roll Call “Tobacco Policy Shouldn’t Be One Size Fits”

PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce and Director of Federal Affairs Joshua Habursky recently authored an op-ed in Roll Call commenting on the complexity of the tobacco market and called on Congress to target real problems with targeted solutions. Premium Cigars are not part of the youth access issue  or vaping epidemic and should not be adversely effected by T 21 legislation or other burdensome laws or regulations.

“A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for small businesses and the at-large premium cigar industry. The FDA’s own evidence supports this point. Effective tobacco policy should be rooted in research, laser-focused to address real problems. It should also ensure that unintended consequences from bad policy don’t destroy small businesses, jobs, a major tax base and consumer interests.”

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