Lifestyle: happy 2020

Lifestyle: sharing with all from Mandi Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Animal Rites

Lifestyle: sharing their joy. Welcome 2020 Keep Smoking

Cigar news: Social influence according to

Cigar news: These are the ratings for for social influence according to The scores are based on a 100 ranking. measures insights

Cigar news you can use: Down in Florida way

CIGAR NEWS: DAVIDOFF ANNOUNCES NEW LOCATION IN SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO HOLLYWOOD Keep smoking   Davidoff has announced a new retail location at the

Cigar Contest: Isabela Cigar 3 pack can be yours, if you enter

Cigar News:  It’s easy pickings.  Submit your answer to  Urbanfishingpolecigars@gmail for a chance to win a 3 pack of Isabela Cigars.  Each week starting on

Lifestyle: Dead and Company, LA, Forum

The Dead are still playing in the Band. Keep smoking  

Cigar events: Smoking a crowned jewel

Cigar events:  A visit from a friend who shipped off to Florida almost 4 years ago was the reason I chose to smoke the H.

Cigar events: New gifted cigars from

Cigar events: Pleasantly received these two boxes of new products from a small, but gifted cigar company, Check out their product line on my

Cigar news: No modesty, just the truth

Cigar news: Another viewpoint from a trusted cigar source. As a comment from   Keep smoking 16. Urban Fishing Pole Cigars What Do We

Lifestyle: Double Anniversary December 27, 2019

Lifestyle: A double event happened on this day , different years and both important in the long, strange trip of life. First the good one.

Cigar news you can use: Food, cigar and drink, a winning combo

Cigar news: As reported by our friends from the north. Keep smoking Nick Lees: Q Cigar Room combines fine dining with a unique smoking experience

Cigar Events: The mighty and the strong

Cigar events: Christmas in Los Angeles Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Fragile

Lifestyle: You will shoot your eye out. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Restful cigar

Cigar events: Flavorful mood. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Christmas Eve , west coast

Pre holiday:

Lifestyle: A message from the Gods?

Lifestyle: In thirteen plus years at work, I never had seen this bird sighting at the country club. The creature seemed right at home ,

Isabela Cigar Review: Who are these guys?

Cigar review:  Here is a cigar brand that you probably never heard of but might be one of the best cigars of 2019 , soon

Cigar review: Isabela cigars, Getting organized

Cigar review: Starting the review, Time Traveler 2019 Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Smoking with the crew

Cigar events: Saturday afternoon cigar interlude. Saturday comes around and it’s time for the sojourn to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in Los Angeles.  As

Cigar Events: staying alive

Cigar events: Regal and smooth. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Contest start date/Isabela Cigars

Cigar news and events:  As mentioned earlier, we will be presenting a cigar give a way featuring the fabulous blends of Isabela Cigars. Each three

Cigar Events: Cat Christmas Cheer

Cigar Events: If you are a cat, you need to be entertained. How you do it , is the mystery of the cat world. Keep

Cigar Event: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge presents

Cigar News: New Business Partner

Cigar news: has partnered with an outstanding manufacturer of cigar humidors, cigar boxes, tea boxes. is one of the world’s best in design,

Cigar news you can use: Party for the world

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CASA CUEVAS CIGARS TO HOST 3rd ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY AT MASTER CIGARS  Date: December 17, 2019        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                 Media

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