Cigar events: Saturday is coming

Cigar events: Still have time to enter the 3 pack cigar give a way for Isabela Cigars. Answer the question from Saturday’s Isabela post and

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Cigar news: The shape of things to come

Cigar news: Pick a shape, share your smoke and try something new. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Better than….

Cigar events: it’s his choice. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Repeat after me

Cigar events: Enter the Isabela Cigar contest. Keep Smoking

Cigar contest: you could win

Cigar contest : it’s easy if you try. Isabela cigar giveaway . Check out for the question on Saturday’s blog entry. Keep Smoking

Cigar contest: Get your cigar ash in, Isabela Cigar contest 3 pack giveaway

Cigar news/events:  Time once again to enter the Isabela Cigar contest. 3 great cigars for your taking.  Read Saturday blog entry for the question

Cigar review: A tale of two cigars

Cigar review: My comrades who smoke cigars regularly are not  familiar with the Villiger Line of premium cigars. They think Villiger makes only small cigars

Cigar news you can use: Looking good

Cigar news: Now part of the bigger picture, La Mandarria added to the line. Keep smoking     WITH A NEW LOOK, “LA MANDARRIA” BY

Cigar contest: Isabela Cigars, 3 pack give a waya

Cigar news: Here we go folks, contest number 3. The rules are: You can enter as many times as you want. Email your answer to

Cigar events: ya or nay?

Cigar events: a steady smoke. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: As reported by C.A.

Cigar news: Slowing down the delivery. Keep smoking Cigar Imports Show Signs of Cooling Down Jan 23, 2020 | By David Savona Photo/A. Perry Heller After four years of

Cigar news you can use: Downtown LA makes the cigar scene

Downtown Los Angeles Welcomes a New Modern Cigar Lounge Los Angeles magazine – January 22, 2020 Cigar news: A new era for cigar smokers in

Cigar news you can use: Press release from Villiger Cigars


Cigar news you can use: New stuff from the cigar folks at Ventura Cigars

For immediate release: CONTACT Rachel McKnett Kretek International   Cigar news:  Read the newest info in this press release from Ventura Cigars. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Contest flash for Saturday Isabela Cigars

Cigar news/events: The contest that we all have been waiting for is strutting out this coming Saturday. Isabela Cigars 3 pack giveaway is the prize.

Cigar news: Contest #3 Isabela Cigars starts this Saturday

Cigar news: Contest rules and question coming this Saturday at the site. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Adding to the community

Cigar events: Humidor multiplication . Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Fidel’s stash

Cigar Events: It’s mine. Getaway or I will call the cigar cops. Keep Smoking

Cigar news: The winner is ………

Cigar news: The winner for the Isabela Cigar 3 pack giveaway. Put your hands together and congrats to Franklin Boyette for his entry in the

Cigar Events: One for the books

Cigar events: Going down the road. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Looking good

Cigar events: Cigar friend Diego flashing a smile as he is gifted the Don Cavilera Cameroon Keep Smoking

Cigar events: An “M” moments

Cigar events: Macanudo heritage. You can’t go wrong. Keep Smoking

Cigar review: Guest reviewer: Cedric Bennett

Cigar review: Great review of the Isabela Serpentine by the seasoned cigar smoker, Cedric Bennett.  Cedric was a winner of the three pack giveaway hosted

Cigar events: proud to smile and smoke

Cigar events: Flor Maya and cigar heaven Keep Smoking

Cigar events: No questions if you please

Cigar Events: Always be positive Keep Smoking

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