Cigar events: The long of it

Cigar events: Tall and lean in Santa Monica Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar news: The choice is yours

Cigar news: More choice and selection at Porter Valley Country Club, Northridge, Ca. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: The Surf is up with Tommy Bernstein

Lifestyle: The Master of all , Tom Bernstein continues to narrate the exceptional lifestyle of a man of many talents through his over 85 years

Cigar events: Joey’s Cigars coming in the mix

Cigar events: New stash from the folks at Joey’s Cigars Keep Smoking

Cigar News you can use: Don’t get fooled again

Cigar news: Sage advice for all cigar smokers and those who like to know. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Will the cigar Cuban connection open up?

Cigar news you can use: Cuban cigars are still in high demand Keep smoking Cuba Opens Its Annual Trade Fair for the Key Cigar Sector

Cigar events: Make it easy

Cigar events: So far getting a nice response for the Isabela Cigars giveaway contest. Get your entries in by answering the question. Check out Saturday’s

Cigar Review: The results are in. We have a winner

Cigar reviews: As a stand alone company Casa Cuevas Cigars was established in 2016 but have a storied history of making products for other cigar

Cigar news: Your Sunday Contest Reminder

Cigar news: Isabela Cigar giveaway started yesterday. A choice 3 pack of their products are yours for the taking if you enter the contest and

Lifestyle: The end of a era on Wilshire Blvd.

Lifestyle: I have been coming to this Barber Shop on Wilshire Blvd. for years.  I go in, get my beard trimmed, pay cash and a

Cigar contest: Isabela Cigars , 3 pack giveaway

Cigar news: Time for another 3 pack giveaway of Isabela Cigars. These are highly valued smokes, with great reviews and small production runs.  If you

Cigar news: General Cigar/Punch gives you even more options

Cigar news: The world of Punch Cigars have grown and is now bigger and better. A new release for those who like Punch Cigars and

Cigar Events: Cat centric humidor

Cigar Events: cat and cigar lovers only. One of a kind. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Beyond the Shadow of a doubt

Lifestyle: Before the sun rises in Los Angeles, the world is quiet, thinking about what is going to happen during the day. Keep smoking

Saturday contest news

Cigar news and events Groove on this folks. The contest of all contests is the 3 pack giveaway of Isabela Cigars. Staying top of this

Cigar question: Need your thoughts

Cigar question: What 5 cigars would you recommend to a novice cigar smoker and why? Keep Smoking

The Sultan of Cigars

Cigar events: All the greats smoke cigars. The mighty Babe. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Fitness is in the air

Lifestyle: For those who think I only report on cigars, my “real” job is that of a Fitness Director for a large country club in

Cigar news you can use: As reported by the Robb Report

Cigar news: Book your flight or truck on down to Cuba. Keep smoking Love Cuban Cigars? The Habanos Festival Is About to Showcase the Island’s

Cigar review: Chop Suey on the menu?

Cigar review: Keep in mind cigar reviews should tell you the facts but also have humor in the narrative. I think General Cigar had that

Cigar review: Brazil is beautiful

Cigar review: I am a fan of Villiger cigars as they keep a steady, track record of producing highly rated products. Consistency in their lines

Cigar news you can use: Party central, Cigars and Whisky

Cigar news: An event to be attend. Book your tickets now. Keep smoking Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest Cigar List and Seminars Announced Photo/Zak Bennett Rico

Cigar news/events: One more contest for the road

Cigar events: We have had enormous success with the Isabela Cigars 3 pack give a way contests. The premise was very simple. Answer one question

Cigar news: Mr. Punch knocks out a new special limited edition cigar

Cigar news: You better grab it when it shows up at your local B and M, ChopSuey. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Remember Red Sox fans

Lifestyle: Time to move on and embrace spring training. Keep Smoking

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