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Lifestyle: Cat love


I have documented the story several times about a stray kitty at my workplace who made it’s home there for over a year. She became part of the community as staff and members of the club took the initiative to feed her and play with her. 

The kitty was a fixture and people were always happy to see her. I was very fortunate to be part of the inner circle as the kitty allowed me to brush her, sat in my lap and did rollies for me when I approached . 

Last November , the kitty, ( who we named Miss Porter) was seriously hurt in an accident we could not figure out. Her tail was badly mangled and needed to be amputated. One of the local cat folks, footed the bill for the surgery and the rest of us kicked in too , so Miss Porter could recover and heal. 

She was taken to a local vet to get the tail removed and then put in a larger facility to recover more. However, the mental damage was done as Miss Porter, renamed Portia was became fearful and remote. She hid or hissed at everyone who approached her.

The tail was now healed but her mind was not. She was more afraid.  A volunteer offered to foster her , but still Portia was not getting any closer to anyone but kept retreating.

I was in contact with a person who recently lost his kitty and was considering adopting a new cat but was not clear he actually was going to go through with this.

We were afraid that Portia was now resorting to be a total feral cat and any human contact would not work.

However, the cat Gods have seemed to intervene as Portia ( renamed again to Audrie) will be making the journey to her  new home this Sunday. The chapter in this kitty’s life continues and hopefully will make the adjustment back to a loving, sweet cat. 

It will take time and the right touch but I feel confident this will happen. I know this kitty and she has the love and affection in her as I saw it every day. 

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