Cigar news: Time Has Come Today?

Cigar news: It’s been over a month since my last cigar. My thinking is my lungs would benefit if I was somehow exposed to the virus.  Now I might have already been exposed and not be aware of it. 

There have been no indications that I have COVID 19. I do take my temperature twice a day and that has been rock solid with very little variation. My son who is a physician told me that is a good benchmark to keep on top of. His wife is also a doctor and I think between both of them, would probably steer me in the right direction.


However, back to my original thought. While the desire is not severe, a cigar would probably be a good thing to relax me a bit through the morass of COVID 19. 

I have so many cigars to choose from with hundreds in the humidor. Many of them are from the same brand so that cuts out some of the selection. 

When the urge finally takes over , I will everyone know what I chose.

I thank the Chambers Brothers for the Time Has Come Today title. If you want to hear a great example of rock from the hey day of the mid sixties, take a listen to this song.

Keep smoking

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