Cigar events: A milestone of sorts

Cigar events: The latest blog stats . Thanks for reading and following. Keep smoking BLOG STATS 20,036 hits Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Fly me to the Moon

Lifestyle: Seems everyone who was alive for the Moon launch in 1969 has a story to tell and of course so do I. I was

Cigar news/events you can use: Keep the spirit alive

Cigar news/events: Thanks to all for the support to the website, the sponsors and continue the good vibes. Keep smoking Congratulations on getting 1,000 total

Cigar news : My level of influence

Cigar news: According to RightRelevance Digest who tracks these sort of things. Top ratings are a nice badge of honor.  Keep smoking 94 Humidor 93

Cigar events: Help is on the way?

The world does not end  Cigar events: I am spending far too much time trying to learn the new block format to write posts and

Lifestyle: This is weird

Lifestyle: I cannot get to my blogsite via laptop or desktop. It seems to have cut me off but I can enter through my phone.

Cigar commentary: Is this fair?

Cigar commentary/news:   I was going through my emails and noticed several pitches from cigar catalogue companies for Gurkha Cigars. Gurkha Cigars are one of

Cigar/lifestyle: Come join the club

Cigar/lifestyle: I have been asked from several followers about sending in their own reviews about cigars or post on other topics. The answer of course

Cigar events: temple of smoke

Cigar events: Try to be civil to all. Keep smoking

Cigar Lifestyle: Review the reviewers

      Cigar lifestyle: After a quick trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon I came up with this thought.  There are

Cigar news you can use: Decision time

Cigar news:   I have had several affiliate  cigar distributors on my web site with my intent to earn commissions when someone buys product from

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Cigar Lifestyle: What’s it all about?

Cigar Lifestyle/Cigar Commentary   I was reading a tread on Facebook concerning  whether cigar reviews are legit.  We all have opinions about the cigars we

Cigar News: And other things

Cigar News/Commentary     As my site is not exclusively about cigars, I do get readers who are may be  uninformed  in this area.  These

Cigar News/Lifestyle: The Reel Deal

Cigar News/Lifestyle:  The Urban Fishing Pole Cigars has a natural partner with our friends who actually fish. Here is a great site and information for

Lifestyle: The long and winding road

Lifestyle:   I have a general question to ask about blogging.  As I read more and more blogs, It is somewhat confusing about the number

Blog news you can use: Spread the word

Blog news: Word of mouth is  a great way to let people know that you exist. The same can be said about blogs. There is

Cigar Events: Change is sometimes good?Follow the money

Cigar events:  I am still making changes in the overall design of my web page and blog. The look is cleaner , updated and more

Cigar news you can use: Think Different

Cigar News: I made a couple of changes in the design of the blog. Would love some feedback from any of my followers. Input of

Cigar news you can use: An honest man?

Cigar news: This was meant to be posted in October, 2017 but appreciate the thoughts.   ” As a cigar and lifestyle blogger,  the site

Cigar news you can use: Good history item

Cigar news: This was an interesting piece to read which I found published from another blogger. Read and enjoy. Keep smoking        

Cigar Lifestyle: Need a gimmick?

Cigar Lifestyle: Gimmicks seem to be an important part of cigar marketing. I read a fair amount of industry newsletters, blogs and many cigar catalogue

Taking care of business

Cigar Thoughts, Business I am trying to make a decision which impacts my website and am seeking your input about this. Currently I am on

A Question of Balance?

Cigar Commentary, Cigar Talk First off happy Fourth of July and enjoy the festivities. For me , I need to eventually get to work. Here