Lifestyle: In no particular order

Lifestyle: As my thoughts about the pandemic are all over the place, so are these comments.

  1. What has kept me somewhat focused are my dog and two cats. They do not know what the current state of affairs are about and that’s what is so stable about them. They proceed like they always do: creating love, fun, eating food and hanging out in their favorite spots.  They are pure joy.

  2. My dreams have been wild, erratic and sometimes scary. Apparently this is pretty common in stressful times. The dreams are vivid , make no sense but I have no control over that issue.

  3. I am staying away as much as possible about gloom and doom news about Covid-19. The horrors are well known, everyone is an expert and telling us what to do. I stay informed but every internet musing or report on TV will not change the immediate, daily danger. I stay indoors, away from people , and make the best of it.

  4. I do have some isolation experience as two years ago when I injured my knee , it forced me to stay home for 4 months pretty much. Some things were missed but you adjust.

  5. Cigars are not missed that much. I did break my self imposed separation this week with a review and one other smoke which was new to my stash. Cigars are fun, but not essential to my overall well being.

  6. Not working out as much as I do on a daily basis but even in a modified form , it’s pretty good. This will change when my routine gets back to where it should be. 

  7. Not using the tech. that allows us to Facetime, Zoom, and the other chat apps. Not that enjoyable to see someone on such a tiny platform. Phone calls are pretty irregular too. I am more of a face to face person.

  8.  Eating pretty well, not have gained weight , in fact lost about 5 lbs. That is due to muscle mass but at least have not pigged out as so many have.

That’s the story for now, pretty mundane but it’s keeps me going. I think I had more to say but not as this moment.

Keep smoking

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