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Boutique Tenpackalypse + Bonus Freebie Live NOW
Feast your eyes about, young fella: 500+ boutique blend 10-packs are yours for the taking. Oh yes. Pore over this list: hundreds of options with savings up to 83% off + free shipping.

And have a gander at the sweet freebie option. Any order $49+ from this page and get a set of 4 Cigar Page Coasters no charge. These handy wooden coasters will help keep your frothy beverages in check and protect surfaces from condensation. Or use them as mini-Frisbees and toss them in your neighbor’s yard! Hell, I don’t care – I just know they’re yours free with qualifying orders (added to cart automatically). Big league savings and freebie bonus option. Get all over this one. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Boutique blends are generally smaller-batch, non-mass market cigars. Give this Cigar Page 10-pack fat discount + freebie fiesta the hairy eyeball….then proceed to checkout. Have a great weekend lads!

Big Batch Savings
Padron-demonium: 24% off shipped free.
Big bad wolf blows away Brick House: mazos of 20 from $55!
Brick House Savings
Email us:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm
Brandshopper, LP. 6771 Chrisphalt Drive. Bath, PA 18014
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