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Run free with Stray Dog Wild Gin – Stray Dog Gin donates a portion of sales to support animal shelters.

NEW YORK, May 2020 – Introducing Stray Dog Wild Gin, a gin that captures the sun-drenched atmosphere of the Greek landscape. Bursting with juniper, wild mountain sage, rosemary and fennel seed, this is a citrus-forward Mediterranean-style gin with a philanthropic backbone: A portion of all proceeds benefit animal shelters. Stray Dog Wild Gin is inspired by the untouched mountains in northern Greece.

Master distiller Dimitris Melissanidis collects wild botanicals native to Greece’s hills and mountains, which are then mixed with Mediterranean citrus and pure spring water from Greece’s Aridea mountains. The result: The essence of an untamed life, bottled. Hand-crafted in traditional small batch copper stills, Stray Dog Wild Gin is named in honor of those who make their own rules and seek out their own adventures. Originating in Aridea, Greece, Stray Dog Wild Gin steps into the global gin market with a savory, smooth spirit designed to complement Mediterranean cuisine as well as shine on its own in minimalist cocktails such as martinis and gin & tonics. While the gin itself may be new, it is born with a culinary pedigree.

Founder Johnny Livanos is a third generation restaurateur, part of a proud New York family that owns and runs several acclaimed venues in Manhattan and upstate N.Y., including Oceana, Molyvos, Ousia, Moderne Barn and City Limits. This gin, crafted to shine in cocktails and pair well with food, is a catalyst for memorable experiences. “Stray Dog Wild Gin embodies what happens when we allow ourselves to let life unfold, and to appreciate the time and the beauty that is right in front of us,” founder Johnny Livanos says. Launching this spring in NY/NJ/CT (Skurnik), DC, MD, MA (MS Walker) and IL (Heritage).

Stray Dog Wild Gin is available for online purchase at ReserveBar:

Written by Elva Ramirez

For more, contact:

Johnny Livanos

+1 914 588 9974


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